Getting air in buffer tank

I tried search and you tube. I just got new 5.5 g 2500 psi pressure pro. Firist time I’ve had buffer tank hudson float valve 1in hose from tank to pump.I load and unload pump from trailer so don’t have a bypass hooked into tank. No water will come out wand unless crank to pull water keep getting air bubbles pressure washer surging. Any help greatly appreciated.

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You have air leaks. Get rid of all this connections and the brass to plastic

Thanks! I. will try that.

Why do you unload from trailer? How much hose are you running from tank to washer?

It’s only a 5x 8 enclosed trailer. Only has rear door . I wasn’t sure about ventilation. My old pressure washer was Jst a 3gpm it wasn’t a problem. Do you tthink it would be ok left in trailer? Has 6 feet hose from tank to pump.

Back door open youll be fine, mount that thing and get a hose reel. I’m tired just from thinking about trying to wrestle that pressure hose

That’s a hot mess. Leave the machine in the trailer. Get a hose reel. Do away with any connection that isn’t necessary.


Yea. Is a mess now, tools everywhere have been messing with this thing most of the weekend. Thank for advice. You don’t think ventalition or anything will be a problem as long as mounted at back of trailer

If it’s an issue you can put an rv door in for about 40 bucks but you should be ok

Probably air leak somewhere in the line . Its hard to see , but it looks like your Hudson valve is write above outlet hole to the pump. Falling water makes air bubbles . I tray to put hudson valve and bypass on opposite site from outlet to the pump. You have nice trailer just need some organizing .

Thanks. That’s good idea about valve. I didn’t think about that,I’ll give that a try.