Get yard signs at a discount!

Hey PWR friends!

The PWRA has just released a new discount when you join and it’s a great one! Now you can get 13% off all yard signs, including design when you shop from FastShip Signs and Banners. Tim Fields, the owner, is a huge supporter of the PWRA (as well as a member!) which is why we are receiving the highest discounted tier to offer to our members! produces the finest full color yard signs and offers basic typesetting of your web address and telephone number onto tested and proven backgrounds! The owner has experience with yard signs so you are getting reliable service from someone who understands your industry!

If you are not a PWRA member you can still order from this awesome site, you just won’t receive the discount.
Now you can continue to advertise your services with yard signs–they offer a bunch of great services including the following:

Design Service
Full Color Yard Signs
Sign Stakes

Click here to view their site and start shopping: FastShip Signs and Banners

Want to receive the extra 13% PWRA discount? Join today: join-pwra


The most post popular sign package at FastShip Signs and Banners includes basic design service, ten full size signs with full color printing on both sides plus ten stakes/sign stands. Adding flat rate shipping brings the total to $157.45. That represents an excellent value as the design is a proven one that works, the turn around time is fantastic and the sign quality is top notch. We have received several repeat orders each week.

The PWRA contractor pricing for the whole package is $138.28. That is a $19.17 savings off of the $157.45 list that is available only to PWRA/WCRA members.

If it meets with your approval, I would like to extend an offer of an $89.00 sign package to any one who joins either the PWRA/WCRA as a full member between now and Say, November 25, 2013. Flat rate shipping of $10.00 would be added for a grand total of $99.00. No other discounts would apply.

If it is something that fits in to your model, I would extend the offer through November 25, 2013 but all super cheap discount packages would have to be purchased within thirty days of membership application being received.

[MENTION=8092]jeremyjt2[/MENTION] is the one who made me think of this. He started a thread asking about what he was missing by not being a member and then contacted me about signs. If he joins, and if my offer meets with your approval, we already have our first customer.

How cool is that?

[MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] Thanks so much for the generous offer! I’m sure this is fine but let’s check with [MENTION=803]Thad[/MENTION] first!

[MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] Alright Tim, we’re good to go! That’s a great offer and we are excited to implement it! Starting now an $89.00 sign package to any one who joins either the PWRA/WCRA as a full member between now and November 25, 2013 is in effect. Flat rate shipping is $10.00 for a grand total of $99.00. No other discounts apply.