Get down! Grenade!

Warning to all those using gutter grenade. Follow the mixing instructions and don’t use too much elbow grease. I think I was way too hot with my mixture and scrubbed too hard. Lesson learned.

I will be repainting this section of gutter. Related question, anyone paint a gutter before? Any tricks?

Yes i have painted them before…im not an expert but I used some light sand paper first to help make sure the paint doesnt peel. Also dont use cheap paint.

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Just today i saw gutter touch up paint at home Depot in the gutter section, it’s a small aerosol can i believe

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Hire a painter it wont cost you much at all. Your going to need a DTM paint you will end up paying $70 for the gallon without an account. Let the painter get it for $35 and throw him a few bills to paint the section of gutters.

Time = Money.

Your insurance prolly don’t cover you on a ladder to be painting anyway.


What mix concentration of the F13 were you using? I’ve gone up to 10:1 on stubborn,white, south facing gutters.

bystander told me and i did, tell em get a painter, cause you can take the paint off… I wash them off only and will clean them OUT… I have had a a hand full I had to pain…
no more of that for me

Anytime I see anyone messing with gutter grenade I immediately wonder why their house wash mix isn’t cleaning gutters sufficiently? What kind of awful gutters are you guys dealing with?

Done with house wash mix.

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I use my house wash mix as well. If it’s tough, I’ll grab the brush and agitate a bit and bam… clean



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I cleaned my first gutters today on a 5,000 sq ft house using GG. Made a mistake and didn’t wear gloves, also brushed the entire thing. First and last time I attempt to scrub down that much gutters with a brush alone. Ate a large chunk of my profits in time but learned some lessons. Are these results with pressure or just your wash mix being applied @squidskc?

I have a theory about this:

The tiger stripes/oxidation need some type of degreaser to be stripped from the substrate.

Many suppliers of SH boost/stabilize the mix with Sodium Hydroxide- a powerful degreaser.

But if you’re buying concentrated bleach over the counter, that will have little to no Hydroxide mixed in. You can use more of it and get the same concentration of SH as someone using 12.5%. But it won’t have the degreasing capacity of the “boosted” stuff.

Just a theory…

I just DS house mix on them most of the time. If it’s the front of the house or most visible part of the house and they’re really bad, I’ll carry a small bucket of mix with me and X-jet at a ratio of 6.5 to 1 on the gutters prior to rinsing that side.

  1. Spraying mix that hot on gutters works in about 60 sec.
  2. You’re there to rinse that side anyway so you can keep the plants wet, rinse, and hit the gutters in about 60 seconds.

I use to use a brush threaded on a pole and dipped in hot mix which worked beautifully, but a little less efficient than doing the same with the x-jet to get hot mix up there.

@Infinity I have a theory about gutter grenade. :slight_smile:

I think you’re putting lipstick on a pig. The oxidation has already started so even though you’re burning off the top layer of it, chemistry, alchemy, black magic, whatever the oxidizing process is has already started.

Not to mention, can’t GG spot everything around it you don’t want spotted?

Seems like it’s cost prohibitive and a massive time suck to rag on or brush on lipstick on a pig instead of calling a spade a spade and the homeowner calling a painter.

A good painter will do more to keep the oxidation from coming back for longer than I can with GG.

Not only have you promised a homeowner “new” gutters (or my theory is they wouldn’t pay the price required for just a temporary solution) but when it comes back in 90 days now your homeowner has lost a little bit of trust in your service.

Again, just my personal opinion, but I will probably avoid GG for these reasons.

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Have you actually seen oxidation come back in only 90 days? Because if that is the typical result, I would feel wrong selling this service

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