Gerard Metal Roof

I was washing a house when the neighbor comes over and asks me for a quote to wash his house. Nothing unusual except the roof is not like any I had seen before. He said it was a metal roof, a Gerard Metal roof. I didn’t have time to get up on a ladder but it’s a metal roof with a coating over it, almost looked like rubber or vinyl. I’m not washing the roof but certainly don’t want a claim when some SH inadvertently gets on it. Anyone have any experience with this kind of a roof?

Found this when looking:

Ther called stone coated roofs . DO NOT WALK ON IT . It will crush like a soda can . It can be cleaned with 2 percent if you dare.
I say that because all stone coated roofing manufacturers were bought up a few years ago and the panels might not be available anymore.
No worth the risk . Also the have been know to fail after cleaning due to faulty products. Again not worth the risk . Politely say no thanks and walk away

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Cleaning the house itself won’t have any effect on the roof . Sorry I read your post wrong

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You guys are the best.