General pump SC tips?

Im running a 5.5GPM @ 4000psi…
Is it safe if i use my 18" SC on residential concrete, without ruining it?
Iv’e read post that the max psi for residential concrete should be 2500psi, is there any tips i could change to that will make this safe?

I’ve done my back porch with a 2.5gpm and 3600psi on an 18in SC. Then 1year later i did it again with same SC and a 4gpm 4000psi machine and this time there was a bit of grit that came off. But no visable etching whatsoever. The patio has to be 20yrs old tho.

Yes 2500 psi is about as much as you want with residential concrete…especially newer neighborhoods that the concrete still has the cream on top. Look up the psi/gpm nozzle chart on here and find 5.5gpm and 2500 psi and divide that number by 2 and those are the tips you’ll run on your SC

How slow were you going???

My speed is definitely faster than a wand, maybe a 1mississipi 2mississpi pace im my step. That’s with the 2.5gpm. I know this isn’t superfast, but i was able to finish a patio standard 2car driveway, and sidewalk(1/4acre lots) and curb in 1 hour drivingaway. I was just starting at that time. Dont even ask about how long my 1st two housewashes took. So, it can be done reasonably I would say. But if your work is stacked, it doesnt make much sense. All in 100plus heat and hi humidity.