General pump question

have a 13 hp honda with gp pump belt drive 4000 psi 4 gpm pressure pro anyway
I was using my friends belt drive with mine on this huge job we had his is 11 hp 3000 psi 4 gpm
My 4 gpm is set up in trailer hooked to buffer tank his was hooked to water spigot when usin my jrod tips his seems to have more pressure than mine i could shoot soap higher with his then mine and more rinse with his then mine
My unit is only 6 mos old his is 8 years old nothing ever done to it
Is it because i am pulling water and his is on a spigot
I used same jrod on both

How would i know if i need new seals thanks

Have you checked your machine with a pressure gauge? and have you adjusted the unloader? the unloader should have been set already. have you checked the screens in your inlet? (you would feel vibration if not adequate water) don’t think you need new seals on a 6 month old machine unless you were running it with no water or your bypass isn’t plumbed back to your tank, and you let it run without pulling the trigger for a long time.

It goes to buffer when release trigger. My wife cranked it once and forgot to open valve about 15 seconds
I put guage it starts out at 4500 and slowly keeps going down

4500 when the trigger is released? that’s normal, well a little high. I think it should be 4300 or so when your trigger is released. Slowly goes down to what? Does it stop at 4300? 4000? either way you are in the right range. If your friend is using a tip meant for a 4000 psi machine, and his is a 3000 psi rated machine, then he is maxing out his psi and probably bypassing water. That’s why his shoots further.

Check that, if you are using a j-rod kit from Bob, then you have oversized nozzles, and it wouldn’t matter as long as they are both rated a 4 gpm.

With gauge on his it starts at 3200 then goes down to 3000 and holds
Mine starts at 4500 and goes all the way down to 2500 then jumps back up although mine does feed back to buffer tank
My 4000 is stronger than his with every thing else surface cleaner etc just not with jrod his defintly puts more water out with jrod from bobs then mine

Next time you are running the machine, see if you are bypassing water with the trigger pulled (using j-rod nozzle). If you are, the unloader might be going bad.

I’m thinking there’s a problem with your inlet system, could you take a couple of pics of your feed plumbing so we can look for any weaknesses?

With red tip trigger pulled it is 3500 psi

actually more like 3200 psi