General pump identification

I have purchased a whitco PEO unit awhile back. It was in stages of disassembly. Ive looked up the pump, (the PEO is electric motor and belt driven) and its supposed to be either the t9971 or t991. It looks like neither. It has no lable or marking to make it easly identifiable. This is what it looks like but brass manifold

Actual pics, there really isnt a lable, although it looks like it, its an illusion.

General pump says its a series 47, but that’s all at the moment until i get better pics or measurement of the ceramics. Unless the cases have changed theres only 2 pump it csn possibly be. Either T9281 or TS1811, thats if pics are accurate.

Send it to general pump. They will tell you what it is and what kit you need to rebuild it. If that’s what your trying to do.

No way Im sending it, thats 33lbs plus. And alot of trouble. Im certain they can ID it, i made the post before I called GP. I have ended up with several pumps, the ts2021, the t1021 and this 1. I have a gx200 which is paired already, and b&s CX series 2100 420cc, and 2 GX390’s. I dont know alot of the way belt driven #'s are calculated, but Im thinking of getting 18HP+ of some brand motor or another and not sure which pump it will get. As far as I can tell 18hp is the # to maximize the pumps. So 1 of the 13hp will be sold off.

Setting up a system based on a guess may end up costing several times what shipping the pump will

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I see what your saying, but they can id it, no question. It’s just not readily available for me to give them the pic and measurements. 18hp vtwin will power any of these nicely and to their intended power band.

GP says either a tss1511 Tss1021. Gots to do a bucket test.