General or AR Pump?

what is the difference in the General and AR pumps? looking at two machines with these 2 pump configurations. Any Advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Advice: Forget them both and go with an Udor…Search “Udor” on the forum and you’ll see why I say that.

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Thanks! looking at them now.

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AR are cheap pumps that don’t last.

I love this debate…does anyone find it ironic that Udor, General, Ar, are all made in Italy? Along with several other brands.

So do you really think there are 6 different factories in Italy making high pressure pumps?

All these pumps are coming from the same factory with a lot of the same parts. Yes, there are so,e different variations between them

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I’ve put a few GP’s through hell and never had any issues. I even let one freeze for a week straight and when it warmed up I went right back to work.


I appreciate the info. thanks

I am looking at a machine that has the AR pump. I like everything about the machine but I noticed the pump was an AR pump. I have used general in the past with no problems, but I am not sure about AR yet?

My first machine was a hydrotek it had a AR pump on it with somewhere around 2500 plus hours on it when I sold it. Still working just fine.


It’s not worth turning away a good deal on a machine because of the pump. Even if it goes bad they are not expensive to rebuild

Kind of like comparing a Ford to a Toyota. Most will claim the Toyota will last much longer so they’d go with a Toyota. I probably would too if given the choice. But then there’s many people out there with 250,000+ miles on a Ford with no issues. I saw a newer Camry on the side of the road with the hood up the other day. Maybe @Patriotspwashing is on to something about the Italy factory.


Thanks guys! I just ordered the pressure- pro System @ 7gpm-4000psi with the Honda gx690. hopefully it should last me a while. thanks again! Also looking for a surface cleaner, Any suggestions? caster wheels? no caster wheels? let me know what you think.

I have a washer almost identical to yours I just received my whisper wash 24 ground force and love it, tried it out yesterday on some really bad concrete does a great job

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thats awesome! I was looking at the whisper wash aqua Pro 24". I still need to decide if I want casters or not?

This is the first one that I’ve ever had I really like it ,I thought I would put four nozzels it it but I think I’m only going to need the 2 the way it looks

the seller told me to only use 2 because of the odd number 7gpm to efficiently have the pressure as well.
I think I will do the same.

Mine is 3500 PSI 8 gpm

I ordered mine from pressure Tek really fast shipping

I use a floater and love it. From what I’ve heard casters can have trouble with cracks and edges etc.

they are both good pumps. Don’t let them run in bypass for very long or bypass to a tank, change the pump oil more than once a decade, don’t let it freeze, don’t let the unloader internally bypass, use the correct nozzle, don’t try to get more out of it than what it’s rated for…Do that and you’ll have years if not decades of work out of both.