General liability

After a year of working and building im finally at a point where if i want to go any further i need to get liability. Before yall give me a hard time i know its one of the first things i should have done. To be honest i wasnt sure if i would get this far. Either way here i am. Iv called hiscox and the said no. They refered me to another compnlany that said no. I found one other suggenstion on pwra about a guy that thatd all he insures is pressure washing. Called him and was told i would recieve a qoute tommorow. Any other companys i should call? Incase its an outrageous quote or they dont call me back? Im in texas. I would like commercial and residential coverage but only need it for residential as the reason im getting it is for a home builder in texas that has work for me. Any help would be greatly apreciated! Ps. I searched the crap out of this before posting

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Just check Google for your local commercial insurance agents, they should have plenty of companies to shop around for you


Go to a local agent. I just called progressive and the used a secondary under writer.

I use my local Nationwide agent who uses and underwriter. Its nice becuase I can just pick up the phone and she gets what I need as far as COI and other questions.

Do your search through an insurance broker not just an agent. A broker is licensed to do a broad market-wide search for your trade and the rate structures. My broker in 2008 found good insurance in with Med James Insurance and I’ve had their coverage since. I have never had a claim and the annual premium has stayed the same. They have audited my records three times and the report back to me is “we’re even”. Some years I’ve had sufficient cash to pay the premium in full, other years I have had to borrow from my bank at a rate lower than the insurance company offers for premium financing. You will have a peace of mind for your work once you have liability insurance.

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