Generac Soap Dilution %

For anyone that has used a pressure washer with a detergant tank. What is the usual dilution percentage? Is it 1/10 like a downstream injector, or is it different?

Equipment in question:

The detergent tank is no different than a 100 gallon tank. Injector didn’t care what it is pulling from. Plenty of info on here about ratios and dilutions

I guess my question is this: is the detergent ‘injector’ the same thing as a chemical injector…?

I don’t know what you have, but an injector is an injector. If you have a built in tank, it isn’t really made for anything other than homeowner use, so I assume that is what you are using it for.

Yes, a chemical injector and detergent injector are the same thing/serve the same purpose. Most of the pros use what is known as a downstream injector and that prevents the cleaning solution from going through the pump to help prevent damage to said pump. A typical chemical/detergent injector is mounted to the pump for most box store units. The downstream injector is after the pump somewhere down the line in the high pressure hose.

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Yep, what was said already…although I believe those do run the detergent through, so both not “downstream”, and problematic with SH for your equipment.

We always go by the K.I.S.S method. Keep it simple, stupid! Throw a shot glass of soap, for every gallon of SH. Doesn’t matter if your batch mixing, x- jetting or down streaming. We use Elemonator most of the time, because it is worth the money and customers love the scent and how it makes the windows shine.

That little soap tank is just for…soap. Don’t try and put bleach in that.

Its so close to the pressure washing hose. Im convinced its downstream but i dont think im going to risk it.

That’s just how the Down streams are on inexpensive home owner pressure washers. Yes the bleach is going to run through the pump. No it’s not good for it, but just flush it out with water. If you don’t use SH , you are going to have a really difficult time getting stuff clean. Your best option to me is to get an x-Jet if you don’t want to run the bleach through your pump.

It will be a lot easier if he just calls a contractor when he needs his house cleaned

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