Gen 2 with Stealth proportioner

Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME I have a Gen 2 soft wash system today I got my stealth proportioner in the mail. I got my water line hooked up my sh and soap hooked up. There is a single port at the top of proportioner I dont know where it goes . Does it get hooked to the accumulator either on the left or right side or does it go to the pump on left or right side. Please help thank you

It will go to “IN” port as the picture shows. That goes to your pump. Mine is the clear hose in pic. Hope it helps.

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ok so top of Port on pro goes to in and it should start pulling


ok ty Kentucky 1234

I got it it working, I went with 1/2 in on sh and water lines. and 3/8 on soap with these sizes work. it is all o had in the trailer

Most use 1/4” for soap but 3/8” probably work, never tried it though. Make sure your lines fro sh, water and soap are the same length if possible.

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Ok will do that first thing I’ll make all 3 hoses the same length

Thank you for all your help I truly appreciate it

No problem, you’re welcome. We’re all helping each other, that’s why I like this forum. Much success.