Geardrive part

anybody out there with a broken gear drive that you would part with the ring gear( gear mounts to pump crank)?

You have a pic of what you want? I have a broken gear drive.

yes, Ill get it when I get home. but its the gear that mounts the the PUMP crank bu way of allen screw. The other gears are not easily removed. ill be home in about an hour.

this is it, but Ill post pic just in case theres a difference.

thats her. I just got a new geardrive and would like a spare if price is right.

Is this for a udor gear drive? I’ve got a ring gear for you.

But, in my recent experience, it’s the smaller gear on the crankshaft that gets shredded when you forget to add enough gear lube…

not an udor, Ive not jad a failure yet. I use hypoid gear oil so far not a peep from geardrive. I believe the hypoid is for old transfer cases. the pic above by Bill is exact.