Gear reducer/drive

Do i need a gearbox/reducer to put a 5.5 gpm pump on a gx 390? Or can i just bolt it right to the motor?

The pump is a ts2021 47 series

external shaft pumps need a gearbox or belt drive kit with guard to work.


So if pump has no external shaft i am good to just bolt it to the motors external shaft?

Correct that’s called a direct drive. A ts2021 isn’t one so won’t work without a drive assembly. Check shaft size on GX390 before purchasing any pump.

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Well i bought an old 5.5 gpm skid off of craigslist for 300$ dollors thinking i could get it to work it has one of the old vanguards on it. (This was back when i first started and wanted the biggest gpm for no money lol) turns out the motor was no good so it has just been sitting in my garage for months and i forgot about it until now. I currently have two gx390s on my trailer now with 4 gpm pumps. If i wanted to put the ts2021 on one of those gx 390s all i would need is a gearbox correct?

Pretty much


That’s right. Bolt on affair

@Redjess boy does that gearbox look good, not a belt in sight :ok_hand: