Gear drive udor gkc/ckc 30/24

Since the gear drive basically splits the engine rpm in half, the gear drive is best for 1750rpm pumps. the udor is specified for 1450 rpm.
Is everybody getting better then what the specs are for this pump? it would be at least another gallon per minute I’d say.

If you gear drive a 1450 rpm / 8 gpm pump, you should be able to get up to 9.6 or 9.7 gpm as long as your engine can handle the load.

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in hoping that’s not why people were having pump failure/ problems.

Well, all this equipment is doomed to break down anyway but overworking the pump surely couldn’t help. My underpowered engine is probably helping lengthen the life of my pump by lowering max psi output.

Lowering engine rpms to around 3,155 should put you right at where a 1450 rpm pump is specified to run on a 2.176:1 reduced drive. But remember unless your running a diesel engine you’re losing hp by reducing your engine rpms. If you can’t make the power to run the gpm at the max psi of the pump you simply never had the right engine from the get.

I ran 18hp engines at 2580

You got me thinking now! If you buy a engine with a gear drive pump on it mounted to a baseplate and they never touched the rpms on it and it’s running flat out what in the world did you pay all that money for??

there’s pumps that are 1750rpm specd and 1450 rpm specs,
udor doesn’t have a spec of the 1750rpm. I’d they are as good as the previous versions(gkc is now ckc) I should be good.

I was talking about Udor

udor offers the great drive, but sources don’t change. it’s only $35 extra for udor 8gpm over the tsf2021., but the tsf at 1750rpm is 8gpm.