Gear Drive Pump Rebuild Question

Can I use any screw to replace this screw? It holds the gear box plate to the pump and is inside the gear box.

You’ll have no issues, just match the length. Those bolts don’t do a lot of work once shaft is in.

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I was able to find the same bolt from a Hardware store close by. All the bolts that hold the plate to the pump were lose. One was broken. It went from dripping oil to a heavy leak. I put it back together and ran it. No leaks. 3 hours later I had a couple of drips. Very frustrating.

Probably the gasket then.

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is make sure they are at minimum grade 5 bolts, but i would just get stainless.

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Clean the threads out and add a dap of loctite. Important to let loctite set before adding gear oil. Wet on wet doesn’t work too well with loctite. Probably good idea to change the O-ring while it’s apart.

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there should be 4 rubberized washers and a oring gasket in the plate from the pump that comes with the gear drive. I’m more than positive you could make yours seal with silicone gasket maker if needed.
I’m post a pic of what comes with a geardrive so you can doublecheck.

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Each screw, for that plate, had a washer and rubber washer. The gaskets looked good. I’m still waiting on replacement gaskets so I had to keep the old ones in so I can keep the machine running this week.

Pretend it’s an old Harley.:+1:t2:


I ran it today and no leaks. The drips yesterday must have been some oil that I missed when I wiped it off.