Gc160 honda engine

Are the Gc160 Honda engine powered engines any good.I just bought one

They are great. Perfect for tillers, trash pumps etc. No real practical purposes for what we do

Have you heard of any issues with these engines?

I assembled mine put the oil in etc…after 5 minutes of use i noticed some smoke. Turned it off and restarted it and it never happened again

Ok for car detailing. Not enough power to be practical for what we do.

They last a long time for occasional use in lawn mowers and residential pressure washers. The GX 390 is the engine you want for basic commercial washing.

I use it quite often for around the house.I assembled mine put the oil in and started it.I noticed the engine started smoking. Shut it off and restarted it and it hasn’t done it since

Ok? What is your ultimate goal here?

Just would like to know if the Gc160 are good for residential use

Post pics, or it didn’t happen

The GC engines are decent for homeowner use. The GX engines are more for industrial use. That will be fine if you’re just using it around the house.