Gauging GPM at residentials

I’m looking for a gauge for reading GPM for use at residential properties.

Our PW/SW jobs usually use the homeowners water supply. There have been a couple of times when we’ve scheduled a cleaning, arrived the day of, and realized that the GPM coming from the house was insufficient to properly run our machine.

So, I’ve been reminding our estimator to routinely check the water supply during the initial estimate phase. But this involves the old bucket method. It’s tried and true, for sure!

However, are there gauges that can be attached to water supply line in the same manner as PSI gauges that read GPMs?
If so, can you give links, cause I’ve not found anything.


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First link when you go Google “GPM gauge.”

Bingo. I found about 30 with one search. You would think it would be easier to search than ask but I tend to be a sucker lol


I especially love when people ask for a business’ phone number on Facebook. You’re on the internet, for Pete’s sake.

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10 bucks what a deal. Can you please compare the other products with similar prices then compare each products durability based on online reviews then submit a list in order of quality…you know , if you don’t mind.


Yes. I’ll leave a note for my wife to work on that tomorrow.



That’s a neat idea, you could attach a three foot hose at the outlet so as to not get his feet wet during test

You could also get a buffer tank

If it takes more than 60 seconds to fill a 5 gallon bucket it’s less than 5 gpm. If it fills faster it’s more than 5 gpm. If it takes 40 seconds, you’re looking at 7ish gallons a minute. If it takes 30 seconds to fill it you have 10 gallons a minute.

Lol… I threw away the 2 cheap gauges in place of a bucket. Sometimes simple is best.


Everybody says not to mess with the unloader. You can adjust the pressure by using tips, maximizing your flow. Nothing gets wasted. That makes perfect sense. But dialing down the unloader recycles water to the low pressure side and decreases the total demand from the spigot. For guys without buffer tanks, could that be used as a work-around for a weak water supply?

That is not how that works. Please don’t do that.