About how many gallons do you use a month in your business?

We use about 50 gals per week April through November rest of the year around 25 gals per week. So 200 gals per month down to 100 gals per month

We go through about $800 a month…

This winter I am going to seriously refine my Responsibid software and my
overall bidding techniques.

I want to go completely to online bidding next year. I feel like we might be
able to cut gas expense by 40%.

Is this counting gas burned in the vehicles too? If so…I’m up and down with $400-500 a month.

Yea in talking total gas used in your business either in trucks / machine or on your rig.

I’d be curious to know roughly how many gallons everyone consumes in an average month.

Add another 100 gals a month to my total

We spend $5-6k a month regularly and on big months $7-8k, but paying fuel is one expense I love to pay. The more I pay the more I know I am making!

Always a positive way to look at things…

8,000 gallons last month Chris. That is for all three of my companies Steamaway, Facilitec Southwest and The fuel bill was $28,500. I hate to seeing that bill come every month.