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I have been asked to give an estimate on a bunch of gas stations. I really am looking forward ti getting into commercial, but I am concerned about reclaiming the water. How do I go about finding out if I have to reclaim the water? Do I have to reclaim every time?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Nothing can go down a drain or into US waters

Here, nothing can go into storm drains. Treated sewer drains is fine, but only in liquid form, so reclaimed water must be filtered somewhat.

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If you’re cleaning a gas station you’re going to meed to reclaim every time. It might vary from state to state bit I would think not. Generally with a gas station you’re going to need to haul the dirty water away unless they have a sanitary sewer you can pump the water into AFTER you filter it. Unfiltered sludge will clog up most drains and create a while new problem. Also be prepared to work odd hours. Middle of the nigjt amd very early mornings. I used to have a few I did monthly or bimonthly but I dropped them becaise I couldnt fimd anyone reliable to do the labor amd I like to sleep at night. Plus the pay is mediocre.

In FL your allowed to discharge into retention ponds as long as the ponds do not overflow into storm drains. Every building built in the last 25 years has a retention pond built in

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Didnt know that. Thanks

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Thank you everyone

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I called my local EPA office here in Ohio. After doing research I told them that my plan was to dam all storm drains on site. Place my vacuum at the lowest point. Then haul the reclaimed water to the wastewater plant for disposal.He kept it pretty plain and simple for me and said “Yep, that’s about all you need to do”. He did add that I need to call the waster water treatment plant in advance.


How much water do you anticipate hauling off and how? Parking lots take time and time = water. I’m just curious. Seems like filteration would be easier and cheaper.?

That requires a hazmat and tanker endorsement on your CDL as well as a medical card

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Filtration would definitely be best. I personally don’t have that set up yet.

@Innocentbystander thanks for the info. I obviously have more research to do myself.

Gas stations built within the last twelve years SHOULD have their own reclaim and separation systems in place that catch anything running off of their pump areas. Ask the client. It might be easier than you think to stay in compliance. Also, depending on local regulations, it may be possible to simply transfer the water into a natural area. My city is much more concerned about sediment getting into the system, from “disturbing” large areas, than anything else.