Gas station canopy chems

What are you guys using for the underside of gas station canopy’s? F13? House mix? …

Nothing. Because that means we have to work overnight.

Joking aside, like alucobond, there’s manufacturers recommended cleaning methods and maybe even a specific chemical.

Alucobond has mirachem.

Gas station canopies might have something else. Are you talking about the heavy vinyl coated canvas kind or coated metal kind?

If it’s the plain old metal kind, EBC should do just fine for most things at a gas station.

If it’s the heavy vinyl/canvas kind those are expensive as mess… and replacing them might even shut down the gas station for a couple days. I’d follow the manufacturers instructions pretty closely so I didn’t risk an insurance claim and you can upcharge for it.

These are the BP canopy’s. I’m assuming they are metal. Just picked up some work from them and will be seeing a chain of work. Just wanting to get some insight on what chems will work on that. I’ve heard f13 and house mix. What’s the mixture like on eBay downstreamed? I will be covering pumps.

With all those electronics I wouldn’t be doing anything with house wash.

So EBC will work on them? What mixture?

Just wondering…

How is house mix different than EBC…water would be the larger culprit in electronics.

These pumps should be covered, anyway.

Water is definitely a conductor, but house wash is a corrosive and the salt in the bleach increases it’s conductivity. Plus the surfactant will pull it into key pads, and credit cards readers, etc. via capillary effect.

You’re 100% correct though. They should be covered.

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I’d start small and escalate. It should give you ratios on the bucket or website.

EBC is definitely what you want. Depends on how bad they are. Call them or PM Carlos. He’ll get back to you.

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EBC has a new product, just posted a video of it eating tire stripes off curbs. Pretty cool. EBC Restore.

I do a few gas stations with metal canopies. I just use close to a 50/50 sh mix. They turn out really good. I add a little bit Dawn soap. I also cover the gas pumps. Good luck

Please post a link…I can’t find any thing about it.

The only EBC Restore that I see is a wheel cleaner.


For some reason it’s not letting me link it. It’s on their facebook page.



I’m going to mix a strong house wash mix and also have a separate mix of EBC Incase I have issues. What do you mix with EBC on this particular job?

I would mix about 30oz of EBC to 4 gallons of water and throw in a half gallon of bleach for downstreaming…then there would be no need for house wash mix.


Ok thanks a lot

Hey did you ever use this product? Is it awesome? I am going to be buying 5ers of ebc, one restore, citrus wash and powersolve to add to this seasons lineup. Never heard of it before or mentioned on here but if you like it I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.