Gas Powered Soft Wash System

Anyone tried on of these poly pumps that run off a gas engine for soft washing? It’d be nice to not have to worry about the whole battery/charging set up for a 12v.

I’ve seen a lot of guys on FB running these with a gas engine. Looks like a lot of volume.

I see a max 550 rpm, I wonder what kinda reduction it has… there’s a couple of tiny 1-2cyl diesels I’ve had my eye on cheap. :smiley:

Update: I checked, the honda engines these are paired to a lot are making peak power @3600, right where some of these yanmars and stuff are. Jackpot!

I have a old Simpson pwasher with a Honda 220 engine, I wonder if that would pair with one of these well

I got one for sale its a p36 first 750 can have it

You barely need any hp to run one of these pumps, a gx160 will do it.


Well that’s boring. :joy:

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Tone it down son, some of these guys on here are allergic to horsepower :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yep, mine has the GX200 engine. Realize with these low pressure pumps you get a fair amount of friction loss. With 250’ of 5/8 hose I’m actually only pushing about 7 gpm with pressure set at 175psi which is about the optimal psi for these type pumps.


@Racer Do you prefer this set up to having a 12v pump, or do they serve different purposes for you?

Different purposes. 90% of time use 12v

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Does the gas powered reach a little further? I’m currently getting about 30’ max with 12v want to increase distance and flow a little due to some tall stucco homes we have to do now and then.

Can’t speak to gas but my AODD shoots 41-42ft

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yes, much. You should be getting 35-40 out of your 12v. Gas about 50’


Do you have to batch mix for the gas? I believe I’ve seen from your videos you use a proportioner for your 12v. Is the gas just for when you need the extra distance/flow?

How much actual flow are you getting out of the guns for both? Mainly interested in the 5.5 GPM 12v. Have you measured the actual output?

Yes for the distance. Rarely need the extra flow, in fact getting distance w/o too much flow can be a challenge sometimes.

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Yes, you’re going to get about twice the flow with a gas powered unit, so on mine at end of hose getting around 7 versus about 3- 3.5 with the 12v