Gas Powered Roof Pump Trouble

Can someone help me aet this up? Water flows but not consistently. It sputters out like its getting air. This is my first gas pump. I tried to set it ip with a bypass to run metering valves through

@RelentlessOne :eyes:

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I believe @Racer has one. Maybe he can help.

I would get rid of the metering valves for now and anything else that you added. Just go as basic of a setup as you can for now to see how it works. If it does in fact work you know the pump isn’t the issue and it has to do with the way you’re hooking it all up.

If you seeing bubbles then you have an air leak. Be sure to keep it in bypass mode until you get figured out. Those bubbles will hammer that pump, just like on a pw but the diaphragm not nearly as strong.

I can’t tell what you’ve got there and I have the same pump. What are those smaller hoses coming off front of water tank - is that your bypass?

Are you trying to avoid a mix tank?


Yes im trying to avoid a mix tank. I have the black elbow sucking from my mix valve it also has a check valve behind it. The Big white hose is going to the big inlet on the roof pump. Then i have a 3/4 hose going from the middle of the Black T into what im guessing is the 3/4 outlet on the pump. Then i have a 3/8 hose coming from One of the bypasses on the pump to my reel. If That makes sense.

Hey no thats just unhooked because im using my 12 volt instead

I came back a couple of minutes after writing that post when I realized that was probably the case! You’ll see a lot of deleted comments of mine just like that haha. I wish there was such a thing as immediate deletes :laughing:


I wish the delete feature was removed entirely. It makes the there’s hard to follow when chunks of conversation are missing. 12v or pump sprayer would be a lot simpler than that gas pump set up.

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Pump sprayer is not an option lol. I shoot most of my roofs from a ladder so i got the gas punp to get more distance. But am i suppose to Hook my reel to the pumps metal bypass or to the pumps 3/4 outlet?

DRaw out what you have on a piece of paper, label, take pic of and pm me. Also, Midwest sells a proportioning unit for these.

Ive sustained a mild to moderate migraine looking at that plumbing, I’ve just come right to where I can piece a sentence together. I’m with @Innocentbystander 12v is the way to go. The complexity isn’t worth the distance. I’ve never done a house where a 12v can’t shoot past the peak from a ladder like the way your doing it.


I agree. I reinstated @Jake_Lambert post. No reason to delete if it’s a wrong assumption, we all make them from time to time.

When your 3 stories up on a ladder the 12 volt cant keep up with the elevation so you lose prime. My guess is not enough psi. Thats why im looking into different stronger options.

I don’t have a gas pump but I think you would want to hook your reel to the pump 3/4" outlet. 3/8" is too small of a hose to go from the pump to the hose reel.

3 stories, yeah that’s a fair point that’s where I draw the line for ladder work. I do 2 story homes all day long with a 12v hums along nicely.

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You’ve got it right in the pic. That black lever right there lets you shut off flow to your reel. You do want to use 1/2" there though and you need 5/8 hose on you’re reel to get the full benefit of it. On all these low pressure pumps hose friction loss is your main enemy.

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Exactly, that was the straw that broke the camels back, reason I finally switched over for larger roofs or the real high ones. If you have a 40’ peak and you’re over 25’ up, you’re not hitting with a 12V


I’m gonna have to try one of these gas pumps in about 8-10 years once our aodd pumps die ;>)

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