Gas Diesel or Kerosene

Which type of Fuel do you use to heat your burner?

Some people recommend Kerosene, because it burns cleaner but it costs more.

What is your preference and why?

When we first started out all we used was kerosene. Yes it burned cleaner but it was also harder to find, more expensive and, (for us) burned faster because it does not burn as hot as diesel.

We do stay away from “Off Road” dyed diesel fuel.

The local Hotsy Dealer recommended Kerosene when we were looking at their units. I am finding places for Kerosene but I don’t want to take the time to make a map of my local area so that if I needed it I would know where to go.

Diesel is less expensive and more plentiful. I would prefer to go Diesel, just wanted to check in and see what others have experienced.

Off road dyed diesel is exactly the same you just dont pay road tax. Since the new fuel restrictions a few yrs ago it is all the same stuff.

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We use off road (dyed diesel). I also farm for a living and keep it on hand. The only difference is you’re not paying the highway tax. The fuel is exactly the same. The dye is not harmful at all.

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What ever works guys, more than one distributor has warned me not to use it.

To each their own.

I run kerosene every once and a while to clean out the system. But run diesel because it’s easier to fill at the pump rather than try to get the little pump by the curb everyone parks by. Plenty of places to get it around here, but to pull a truck and trailer up to it isn’t in the cards.

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