Gas Cards

Does anyone use any of the Gas Cards that offer rewards?

I was looking at the BP Gas Card that offers .05 off per gallon.

Are there any better ones out there?

I have been considering a credit card that gives a cash back reward. That way it’s not limited to just fuel. You can make all of your purchases on the card and then pay it off at the end of every month so it’s a benefit to your business. So long as you don’t carry a balance, it’s a win/win I think. Although this goes against my personal beliefs that credit cards are the devil and I haven’t owned one in 20 years

There is a chevron station right down the street from my office that offers .20 off per gallon if you have a vons rewards card, you just punch in your phone number… that is the best gas rewards that I have seen… My credit card also gives 1% cash back on all purchases


Isn’t there a PWRA gas benefit. Anyone tried it and what are your thoughts.

There is in fact a PWRA benefit that offers gas cards! Based on your location and the proximity of the closest station, you will receive an invitation to apply for one of the following brands: Shell Fleet Plus Card, ExxonMobilBusiness Card, Sunoco® Corporate Card, the Phillips 66®-Conoco®-76® CommercialCard or the 76® Commercial Card. Each credit card has a rebate offer that helps to save money.

Scheduled mailing are sent out approximately three times a year to our members inviting them to take advantage of this discount. They just sent a mailing back in October I believe so depending on when you joined you may have to wait for the next one! Hope this helps!

I’ve done this for years and use Capital One cards issued to the business. By the end of the year I can pay for in full a trip to any of the islands every year. Last year was Florida but the years before that were Punta Cana and Jamaica. Just a nice reward come the end of the year. The KEY of course is to pay the balance off and not finance it or it defeats the purpose.

We actually use fleet cards from Superfleet for all of our trucks but I’m switching those over as well.