Garden Feed hose sizing

Hey all :wave:t3:. For some odd reason I built my rig with 5/8 in garden hose that I run to customers water and fill my ebc tank. I was about to order 200ft of 3/4 to boost the speed but then I realized that I might as well go 1in. I have electric reels. Is there any brands you guys can positively recommend?

I dont know of a single person who uses 1 in hose to feed their tank unless they use hydrants then idk… it’s way overkill and I dont think it would really make much of a difference because the house couldnt put out enough water to fill the hose. Most people will say using 5/8 is sufficient but it doesnt hurt to go to 3/4 especially over a long run


Any hose size above 5/8 is more than enough for filling up your tank. A 5/8 hose can support an average of 17 GPM. If the customers water source has a lower GPM than ur pump is rated for then your tank will empty faster. Getting a bigger hose won’t make more water come out of their spigot.


I was thinking the same thing. If their spigot isn’t putting out enough my 3/4 hose isn’t going to make a difference. Maybe if I have 2 machines draining my buffer and the customers water just wants to give me more but my 5/8 hose is strangling it then I need 3/4 but that doesn’t seem like a likely problem, at least for me. I do have 3/4 hose and 3/4 internals on my supply reel in full disclosure. Looking back I think it doesn’t make a difference.

And I thought 3/4” was overkill…:flushed:


Never assume or guess sizing. It can all be worked out with simple maths and numbers that you know will never exceed a spicket. 200 feet of 1 inch supply hose is a little nutty for my liking.

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We run 20’ of 1-1/2" :kissing_heart:

Is that fire hose?

You also dump 5000 gallons a day 6 days a week I’m not sure you have water issue big boy lol

Two washers an 8gal and an 8.5 gal. I am indeed putting two water feeds into buffer from clients taps (or 250 ft of the 1in on the one reel to reach a potential neighbors house with a $5 question…

It all depends on the length of your runs. 5/8" loses 1/2 it’s flow from 11gpm at 100’ to 5.5gpm at 200’.

3/4" goes from 18gpm to 9gpm at 200. Hose friction loss is real.


That lay flat attack hose is junk. Have you seen it kink? I use epdm wrapped suction hose that’s wire reinforced.

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Thanks @Racer - I studied that chart earlier and could not find any Information on 1 in. What are your thoughts on moving from 3/4 to 1in?

3/4" puts out 18 gpm at 100’ and 9 gpm at 200’. As long as you’re not running over 200’ of supply hose 3/4" is plenty. 1" is just overkill. How far of a run is your supply hose on average?

Depends on your run as @marinegrunt said and how strong is your source. 1" will be a bear to lug around, roll up, pull, etc. for any distance.

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I’m with you. :flushed: