Garage/Storage Unit Temp verses Ambient Outside Temp

I know we are at reaching the end of winter (or at least in Texas). Over this winter, I only winterized my machine 1 time. I was keeping it in an attached garage at my home. I recently moved into a 20 x 20 self-storage unit as a go between as I scout a small shop. Just as an FYI for others -

In my house garage (again, attached - I live in a 2 story home with the garage under a portion of the 2nd story) the temperature inside the garage at my pump would be around 14 - 16 degrees warmer than outside. For where I am at, that means it would have to get down to 20 degrees outside (do not include wind chill) before I would need to consider winterizing.

Now that I am in the self-storage unit (non-climate controlled - well kind, my spot is a drive up exterior bay but above me and behind me are climate controlled) I found this morning that inside the bay it was 10-12 degrees warmer than exterior ambient temperature.

I have worked all winter with only 4-5 days where I was unable due to rain or sub 38 degrees temps but only winterized my machine once.

Just thought I would share for those who may not realize the temperature difference between outside and inside and save yourself the hassle of temporary winterization when it is not necessary.