Garage interior with lights

Was asked to quote on washing the interior of an old garage being converted into an indoor public pool by a contractor. I don’t really like the idea of washing indoors. I asked the contractor about the electrical and if everything would be disconnected beforehand and he said they could do that. Floor does not have a drain that i could see and their foreman said there was none. But then again he also had a shirt that said “cannabis” in rainbow colors. Note: only ceiling, rafters and walls need to be washed, floor to be taken out. It would have to be scheduled in a really busy time for us and i’m not crazy about the whole thing, so would be priced accordingly. I’m thinking using degreaser/hot water from a scissor lift. I have no idea how long it’ll take to clean those rafters though. Someone who’s completed a similar job, any tips? How long do you think approximately?

Edit: aren’t these drains?

I know there are plenty of more experienced guys that can tear this one down, but no way no how would I remotely do any washing with electrical fixtures present on the ceiling. These things aren’t outdoor rated.

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yeah, we did one recently similar, but they wanted to keep their computer carts etc. in there, we did the bottom 7-8’ of the wall to where there was a natural dividing point, and told them we would def. not be touching the ceiling.

I got called to wash a powder coating place very similar to that. I had to pass. Even if they turn off the power, if water was collected inside an electrical box or something when they flip the power on, you got problems. It’s not worth it, easier money to be made.

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