Game Changer? Post Yours Here

SHERTZ BOX. Is the best addition I have made


This is the only pic I could find, I got mine for about .30 each, bought a bunch from a local surplus supply place. They are disposable, but generally get reused many times. I use these for attaching plastic to gutters and corner pieces of siding. Works well, no tape needed. Mine have seen a couple of applications of chems and stain, so far nothing has rusted or broken. Plastic doesn’t rust or mar the surface of siding or wood like the metal ones can.

I attach them to my shirt while putting up plastic so they are easy to reach, especially on ladders. I hook them together too like barrel monkeys, for those of you old enough to remember those. I have different sizes but generally the smallest ones are used the most, the next size up are for 2x material that needs covered.


Couple years wearing these. Wish they would last a little longer, a pair usually gets me through a 6 month busy season but the comfort cant be beat.


My whole rig is a game changer compared to last year lol… but I agree with @Firefighter4hire , love the schertz box.


I think everyone knows what I’m gonna say…

Truck Norris

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At my early stage of PW, it’s a tossup between 8gpm upgrade, better valve/remote for my box and addition of permanent mix tank.

Baby steps.:+1:t2:

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A good CRM. I use Markate but there may be better ones out there.

I do like markate. I especially love the options you have to set up invoices. You can do packages, individual items they can select and accept right there online, or just invoice them what they want

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Get you some spike less water proof golf shoes. And you will only put those rubber boots on for flat work


Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds | OSHA Compliant Wireless Noise Reduction in-Ear Headphones : Isolating Ear Plug Earphones I use these in the field, sound is good and half the time I use them as ear plugs without any music

I used Markate all last year, but I’m dropping them for this season. I mostly used them for creating options estimates and keeping my client list in order, but QuickBooks online does the exact same thing now. Plus I can click one button to change an estimate to a paid invoice, and it’s all in one place. Love Markate, great software. But it’s easier for me to just use QB

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Blower, 125 MPH, 600 CFM (DCBL772X1)

Use it to blow off the cobwebs before house wash, blow out gutters, flat work etc. super powerful and speeds up jobs! But get 2-3 9AH batteries it blows thru em, literally lol

Cherry chapstick

What’s the name, can’t read the first part, and where did you get them, price? Thanks


Best water proof boot out there


Yep, just thru away a pair this week, started leaking. Got some Wolverines on the way.


Picked up the echo pb-8010, a beast.

Had a very large flat roof and gutters to clear…almost felt guilty using it :wink: finished in tree fiddy hr range. Have also used it to clear large parking lots in record time.


Love the Wolverines

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I’d love to see your rosie red lips with that cherry chapstick. :laughing: