Furniture warehouse

What are some tips/tricks/products to clean furniture warehouse. Area pictured was where protectant was applied. Also how to mitigate water? Can a drivable vacuum machine be used? Floor is sealed

How big is it? Vacuum machine would be great if large enough to justify expense.


So pretty small. Way to small for a ride on. They make a walk-behind and with those low shelfs may be what you need.

Do you know the name of the machine? Also safe to surface clean? Not sure if its sealed or polished

Huh? I posted link above. Will have to see what your local rental company has and see if it will work for you.
Most wh floors, even if polished have a sealer on them.
You can surface clean, but what are you going to do with the water. If it was empty and not going to be used for awhile you could SC and squeegie to a drain or a door in a small one.

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I used to have a janitorial/ floor cleaning business. In my mind this falls under that category. As mentioned earlier what are you going to do with the runoff water. Good money if they are willing to pay.

Warehouse floor cleaning is not a pressure wash job. I spent many years in a warehouse & put many miles on a ride-on electric floor scrubber. It had a clean water tank & a dirty water tank. Similar to a golf cart, front wheel drive with 3 wheels. Fill up the water tank, hit one button to put down water & squeegees, another button activates the brushes underneath & another button sucks up the runoff. A light comes on to let you know the dirty tank is full. 53,000 sq ft warehouse took about 4 hours. Even has a cupholder. You’ll be limited to whatever your local options are, so get on the horn & make some calls.

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