Fun / Stress Relief

What do you guys do for fun or to relieve stress? I enjoy mountain biking. I have been doing it for about 20 years off and on. I use to race a little back in my 20’s but these days I just ride. When I get done riding I feel great. While I am on the bike and in the woods I don’t think about anything but the ride. :smiley:

This time of year it’s off to the mountain to do some skiing.

It depends on the day. Some days it’s the range,some day I get on my motorcycle and head to the country, some days ill read the bible( usually ever night), some days it’s a guys night out at a wing place.

Snowboarding, if we ever get any freaking snow! Summer I love to just have a few hours home on a Friday afternoon: good weather, a few beers, mow the yard, get the bbq and fire ready for later on while listening to some tunes… sometimes it’s the simple things!

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Boating and camping on the Cape Fear or Black River, maybe a little golf.

Fly fishing. Not as much in the winter though… Sometimes I brave the cold. I get the stream to myself.

Building things and coming to these bulletin boards I find to be relaxing. I’m almost done building my youngest daughter a dance room in the house. Soon I’ll be starting on my new trailer setup and a couple of hours a day I come to these bb’s and head up to bed with a bag of chips. Since I rarely watch TV I pretty much relax to a few bulletin boards.

Oh yea and I go out to dinner frequently just to hang with either family or some good friends

Guitar, paintball, inshore saltwater fishing.

Sounds like some pretty diverse activities.

Hey Phil, I’ve done a little fly fishing myself. I really enjoy that also. Those trout are tricky little boogers to catch. It gets pretty cold in the river this time of year.

Making car stereos loud, dirtbikes, wrenching on my car/truck and farting around on the computer.

Boating, wake boarding, hunting, snow skiing, yard work movie nights with the family.

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Riding my Harley or shooting guns.

I’m a big boarder myself-- snowboarding, longboarding, wakeboarding-- I can’t get enough of it!