Front 9 Cookbook App On Sale for 99 cents

The Google Play version is here

Apple Store here


just purchased it. Thanks!

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I wonder if it would be worth buying even if I can’t purchase his products.

it’s basically free, i think you may as well grab it. maybe one day a vendor will come near you. not aware of your situation so correct me if i’m wrong.

Dang I just bought it for $40 last week

Honestly that’s how I feel as well mate.

$1.69 NZD, that’s breaking the bank a bit

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:rofl: sucks to suck!

Just got mine, handy tool for lots of jobs.

Nice find!

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No good to me. I happened to purchase it just a week ago and paid full price… Bummer!

don’t beat yourself up over it. still a great resource! at least you didn’t pay $100 or so for the laminated book

Thanks for your finding and sharing of information!

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Bought the physical book for $149 or $200 I think, but got this now for $1 as it makes no sense not to

Nice, got it…99 cents is a good deal for anything now days even if you only use it once!!

I paid like, $39.00 or something like that for the app about a year ago, luckily yall! Get it while you can!

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Bumping this thread, the F9 cookbook is 99 cents again.

I had just searched it a week or so prior and saw it was $39 I believe.

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Craig actually made the cookbook downloadable in PDF format if you have the app on your phone. So you could make your own laminated physical copy if you want it to for $20-$30 cheaper than he sells it for. And cheaper than that if you know someone who can laminate your things for free lol

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Just downloaded it, and the app crashes instantly. I think it’s time I finally update my phone… :rofl:

Nah, you’re good.