Fresh Wash

Anyone use Fresh Wash after you wash a house for a final rinse as a Upsell? Just something Im thinking about since I have the Foaming attachment…

Spray soap as a final rinse?
What am I missing?

Duh, the final final rinse.

We did have a spell where I would spray a very dilute mr clean all purpose to make things smell good as a final rinse.

Then I realized that I didn’t get paid extra for it so I quit.

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If it’s just for smell then I would spray something a lot cheaper.

The lemon scent does the trick in the soap process. It’s almost like an apherodeasic(sp?) to housewives… They get all googley eyed when they catch a wiff of that lemon


Keep your mind on your work son. :o

I add it to my Sh now and works well. I need to order a cpl buckets soon. It’s just so dang expensive to ship.

Sorry I ain’t paying $150+ for 5 gals of that crap. Never had problems with the mix I use now.

Alex, If you would like to try it out. I would be happy to send you a free sample. All I need is your mailing information.

I love fresh Wash. It last a very long time. You only have to use 4 to 5 oz per 5 gallon of mix. It smells great and sticks great. You are buying 640 oz’s of fresh wash with ever five gallon bucket. So that’s great for me. Lets say you use 6oz for every 5gal of house wash. That’s 106 house washes ? That is $31,800.00. That’s only charging and Avg of $300 a house. I know most use only 5 gallon of house mix and wash much larger homes that are being charged more than $300.00. A 5 gallon pal of fresh wash is around $125 that’s with shipping. Now that does sound high. But if you brake it down. That’s less then .20 cent for an Oz But that just me and my thoughts. I make very good money using it. It’s also great for everything i’ve used it for. An the women of the HOUSE LOVE THE LEMON FRESH SMELL.

does it not work?

You can mix your own concoction and get pretty good results. I never heard of FreshWash until I read about it here. We use a higher mix of chlorine to water compared to most contractors. Fresh Wash is not only a good surfactant it’s got that strong lemon scent and that is what we needed that trumped my house brew soap.

Also you get a discount on it if your a PWRA member.

Yes it works good. And it is relatively inexpensive to use in a house wash mix. You only use 4 ozs in a 5 gal house wash mix so your cost is less than $1.00. The lemon scent is an excellent masking agent.

The pink “flower” scent might work better in California.

While I’m not being closed minded about this product, I have a habit of sticking with proven products that I know work, kind of like my customers.

Bleach smell is not one of my customers problems or complaints. I think in these past 6 years I’ve had 3-4 customers have complained about the smell, the rest equate bleach smell with “A Sense Of Clean” and comment on that all the time. No reason to change.

For the cost of fresh wash I can buy 50 lbs. of a soap that I have been using for 5 yrs. and know works, and will last 1/2 the season. No reason to change.

We had a few complaints over the years from the chlorine smell and since we do a few condo complexes a year now this is where we got a few complaints in one shot…so hello FreshWash!!

When your spraying chlorine or bleach in a massive size area such as a 30 unit complex anything to help the bleach/chlorine smell get masked it’s" money in the banks with no complaints". and to be a surfactant as well…Home run!!!

FreshWash for those larger jobs was the answer so now we use it on most jobs where chlorine/bleach is being used.

I agree with you on that Guy, I’m new to the game. But I’ve tested a few different things. I happen to love fresh wash it works for me. As your soap works for you. So im on the same page with you, use what your happy with. It also depends on your customer base. I have the customers who blow a gasket when they smell bleach LOL. Now i come from the south. all i ever heard was bleach smells great and clean. Well here in KC they act as if I’m putting the Devil himself on there home. So i had to find something to help the smell.

I continue to recommend fresh wash cause it’s what i use and what work for me, I’ve heard of people mixing simple cherry and roof snot together. So like i said before im newer to the game Only a year in. When i see people mixing two of anything together, I figure maybe there not getting the stick they need to clean. I could be way off and I have no idea why there mixing them. I just try to give some helpful advice. Because i only use one soap with my SH. My advice may not be helpful to anyone. I really don’t know, but i have gotten a ton of help from Guys like you and others. So i just want to give back as you and the others have.

Guy, go buy fresh wash because you feel deep down inside you want that lemon fresh smell good in your life. LOL just joking

Anyone that is interested in Fresh Wash please send me a Private Message I will be happy to send you a sample of the product.

I don’t want my comments to influence anyone’s opinion or decision on which soap to buy. Please forgive me if it sounded that way. If you can, purchase a few different kinds and make an educated decision for yourself.

I forget sometimes that I say exactly how I feel and think, that sometimes comes off “Un-PC” (which of course is how I am) or maybe a little rude…I surely don’t mean it that way.

Most surfactants will act differently according to the type of minerals in the water. In the tidewater area of Virginia you don’t have to use a lot of surfactant because of the high fluoride content of the water there. High fluoride makes it difficult to rinse so you use less soap in your mix. Hard water will cause a surfactant to act differently so you should find one that will work with hard water.

What works for Pressure Kleen may not work for you…and visa versa.

Your a good Guy,GUY lol
I never took it any other way. some people wear Nike, Some wear boots others wear flip flops. None of it is the wrong footwear it just depends on what you like and what you feel works for you. :smiley:

I was not trying to tell anyone they have to buy what i use just wanted to say it works great for me. I hope it did not come across like that. Sorry if it did. Were just all here to help and share.