Fresh Wash

Just wanna say Thank You to PWRA, & Thad for the 5 Gall of Fresh Wash. For those of you who haven’t used it yet or on the fence about using it, all I can say is get some. Well worth it. Fresh Wash is good S***!!!

Congratulations, John!
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Someone else is going to win 5 gallons of Fresh Wash from next Friday!
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Just ordered 2 more fives today from Oh yea and we also got our PWRA discount.

do you have a link to the FB page?

Wellll, I was trying to make it a little bit of a challenge but time is getting short so here you go!


I searched for it and came up with nothing, thanks for the link, you da man :slight_smile:

Y’all watch out- Jim won the free ticket to NOLA 2012 and then won a $1500 water fed pole when he got there!

The gigantic clickable banner on the front page was a slight clue.

Really? That was JC? Let’s see that pain in the rumps picture.:wink: I remember that pole being given out but I don’t remember what the guy looked like who won it and now you say it was JC… I like JC on the net… He doesn’t take shizz from anyone… I hope JC is not using that pole to beat over some heads like a “Joe Pesci” would do in the movies…lol

I had a question about the Fresh Wash. I’ve been using it for about a month now and love it. I’ve been taking my Sh out of my chem tank and putting it into buckets to mix at the house which is something that I hate doing. Can I dump some Fresh Wash into my chem tank which is 35 gallons so I can just drop my line and DS? If so How my Fresh Wash can I put in a 35 gal tank.

You can put the Fresh Wash into your 35 gallon tank. The amount would be anywhere from 1 to 5 oz per gallon. The amount depends on your preference, how it works in your method of application and what you are trying to clean.

I use one ounce per gallon of Fresh Wash. It is the only cleaner I have found that doesn’t degrade the SH.

I mixed up ten gallons and put it aside for two weeks as a test. The mix was weaker (about what you would expect from leaving bleach in upper 90 temps) but the Fresh Wash didn’t kill it. I washed a painted wood house with it and it cleaned up fine.

Thats exactly what I need to know. Thanks everyone.

So this fresh wash…Is it the only thing you need to add to your SH? Or is this just an additive to put in with the other cleaners that you already use?

It’s all you need.
One ounce per gallon of mix will fix you right up.

This is some awesome stuff

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Guess I am going to have to give it a try soon as need some more soap.

Where can I find some in Canada?

You can only get it from