Fresh wash

Wanting to know how this stuff works or what’s something similar thanks

I prefer Roof Snot or Elemonator.

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Fresh wash is great stuff. Works great.

I think that fresh wash amplifies bleach better.

I feel that elemonator rinses better, foams better, sticks better.

I cant really smell anything. My employee says that elemonator smells better than floral freshwash. We havent tried lemon freshwash to compare the smell to though.

The only thing that I dont like is how thick elemonator is. I use a dispensing bottle, I find it annoying to squeeze the thick fluid to measure it out

I got a five gallon bucket of fresh wash I sell you if interestead, 90 bucks plus shipping

When I was first asked to test Elemonator out I was quite skeptical of the “Bleach Boosting” claims. I found out by accident (Partially stuck down-streamer) the actual effects Elemonator has. I washed (Personally) three 2 story 2500 sq. ft. homes with…wait for it…8 gals of mix. Usually with a fully functioning down-streamer this would take about 15-17 gals of mix…Nuff Said.

It has a rinsing/sheeting effect I’ve never seen in a surfactant before & masks bleach smell perfectly.

This will be and is our “Go To” house wash surfactant from now on…again…Nuff Said.

how much faster does adding freshwash elemonator than just plan sh

You need a surfactant(soap) that’s good at sticking the SH to what it is your cleaning. It seems the consensus of most contractors here is that Roof Snot is best for roofs because it sticks real well and either Elemonator(Bob from PTState ) or FreshWash (Michael from [url=]Power Washers, Supplies, Chemicals, Repair, and Training) are what a ton here recommend for house and other type of washes.

Personally I use some home brews(been doing that for years) and FreshWash as our choices. In all fairness I haven’t tried Elemonator or Roof Snot but both from what I hear about seem excellent. You can’t go wrong using any of these mentioned products.

The common denominator and don’t let anyone tell you differently is SH. That’s the critical product here that if applied correctly is pure GOLD:)

I’m on the elemonator bandwagon as well. That post was in no means a complaint of either product. Both are great. It was just an observation of the two.

Like you said about rinsing. Its amazing at how well it rinses.

FW is great stuff.

John Devine.

Oh No Tim, I know you weren’t complaining or anything. Like your observations I just added to the conversation with mine. Didn’t mean anything at all by my post.

Like our customers, I’m very “Loyal” to certain Vendors. Pressure Tek is at the top of the list and has been a factor in the modest success of our business. Bob Williamson (Owner) has been there for us answering every stupid question I have posed and sorted out any problems with 100% satisfaction for 7 years now for us…I include Russ Johnson at Southside Equipment in this list also. I know these Men personally & have a great respect for them and their products.

If these guys tell me the “Huckleberry’s Are Ripe” I don’t ask questions…I grab a bucket. (…Old Country Saying :slight_smile:

On the flip side there are vendors we will not do business with…Just saying.

thanks i bought a sample of both will let yall know what i think

Bought a gallon of Eliminator from Bob to try out, done 2 houses so far, great stuff-now what the heck to do with that 10lb bag of Simple Cherry!

That ten pounds of simple cherry will wash your car for the next three years.

That’ll work, my kids wash the vehicles (supposed to)-so I might get 5 years out of it.

i used both i liked them both i think that elemonator does hide the bleach smell a little better