Fresh wash or Elemonator

I’m gonna let you choose which will be my next purchase.

Elemonator or Freshwash

Both are great products!

I have never tried Eliminator yet, but Fresh wash is a great product.

I just got some Elemonator yesterday, but don’t have any PW jobs scheduled for three weeks perhaps. Got a roof Friday, but will be using snot.

Eliminator…far and above!

I have to agree with Guy. Elemonator is awesome. I thought FW was great but the Elemonator works much better to me.

Elemonator hands down…

Call me crazy, but I’ve stopped using both.

When you run straight sh with an 8gpm unit, enhancing the sh seems almost a bit overkill. I use some lemonade for a masking agent, but no more enhancers.

Feel free to tell me if I’m an idiot, but this made sense when I thought about it.

I won’t call you crazy but I will say I don’t agree. #1… Because using a surfactant allows bleach to dwell longer on the surface…#2…The proper surfactant “Binds” with bleach enabling easier and more “Complete” rinsing, even if mix has dried on surface…#3…The use of Proper surfactants allows you to “Cut” the amount of bleach you use, thus saving money.

Just Saying…


I use snot/lemonade, but was told by a few guys with units similar to mine that they run straight sh.

Guy, if I was to continue to use fw or other option, how much could I cut my house wash mix?

Snot is a good surfactant, but we use that mainly for roofs.

I’m not sure how you dilute your mix but for every 5 gals of sh we add 1.5-2 gals of water/surfactant mix. It takes about 5-7 gals of mix to wash a house around here. May not sound like much of a savings but when you go through 1000’s of gals of sh per year it adds up.

My current mix is 2 gallons h20 and 2 gallons 12% and 4 oz of eLemonator.

8 gpm

I used Elemonator in my roof mix the other day. 15 once to 65 gallons to see what it would do. It helped with the smell, and didn’t foam up much.

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Elemonator or Fresh wash are meant to be a roof soap. It also isn’t made to mask the smell of a roof strength mix either.

You need a surfactant like Guy said. SH alone isn’t a good detergent. You need a surfactant added to the mix. IMHO, roof snot takes too long to rinse and should be used for roof or stucco/EFS cleaning. I used roof snot for a year or so and Fresh wash cut my rinse time in half. Elemonator came along and it foams up more IMHO and rinses better.

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Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate it guys

I’ve tried that, and it works, just takes longer/multiple applications. I end up using the same amount of bleach as if I’d run undiluted SH + surfactant.

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Although you’re more experienced than me, Michael, so I’m sure you do it for a reason.

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Could be any number of reasons. Your down streamer might not be pulling as much chem etc. All the way down to the trigger gun you use can determine your draw rate.

Picture a glass of water. You know how the water clings to the side of the glass and rises up a little bit, leaving a meniscus in the middle? What a surfactant does is remove the surface tension of the water. So if you put a surfactant in that glass it would release the surface tension and the water wouldnt climb the sides or have a meniscus.

Now imagine the pores on the surface that you are cleaning, the surface tension actually hinders the water and sh from getting onto the pores. Add your surfactant and it penetrates better and delivers your sh and surfactant into the pores to help release the dirt and kill whats growing in them.

Surfactant for the win!

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