Fresh Honda V Twin!

Not near enough info out there or in here so I figured a new thread was necessary. GX630 got delivered yesterday (love that new Honda smell!). The exhaust gaskets / nuts were included with the engine (the muffler was a separate purchase). Didn’t come with an oil filter but luckily Autozone had a real deal Honda filter in stock. Also didn’t come with a crank key but that’s alright. However it did come with this fancy rectifier box that isn’t mentioned at all in the owner’s manual or anywhere else. What is the purpose of this contraption? Does it not have a stator behind the flywheel that will charge the battery without this thing connected? I don’t use the battery for anything other than starting the engine these days. Just want to make sure it doesn’t burst into flames immediately because this thing wasn’t hooked up. Preeshate it!

Send me your address and I’ll send you some keys. I can’t believe it didn’t have a key. Hook up the rectifier. It is plug and play.

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The rectifier converts the AC power from the stator and turns it into DC power, then regulates the DC power to ensure that the power doesn’t go over around something like 14.4 volts for charging


@Innocentbystander you are a true gentleman! I have a couple extras so it’ll work out.
Sounds like the stator in these engines produces AC power like an alternator as opposed to DC like a generator. I’ll hook it up. Thanks for the explanation Mr. Dez!

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Yeah the rectifier on mine is bolted under the skid.

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Out of 6 wires from the sh748aa rectifier box, 4 are super obvious to connect. Looks like the black ring tongue wire is a ground? I’m not seeing anywhere at all for the white / blue wire to connect. I’m still a bit surprised the owner’s manual doesn’t mention this thing at all but I did find the included oil filter haha.

Terminal ring goes on starter. Last wire is aux. Leave it hanging

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You are the man! Hot side of the starter with battery wire? I owe you a keg of Cheerwine & a pallet of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

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Yes. I spent the day at NC State watching their first football scrimmage game. 40 degrees and pouring rain. all I want now is decaf coffee and my wifes key lime pie.

That’s some serious dedication! Find a warm, dry spot to decompress. Thanks again to the fine folks of this forum! I’d be about as useless as Mike Tyson’s bodyguard without you.

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This is totally nutzo, but the ring terminal on the black wire is too small to fit on the starter bolt where the hot wire connects. I’ll either have to drill it out a bit or swap it for a different size if that’s definitely where it goes. I don’t mind doing either but I never would have expected modification of new in box Honda components to be necessary for assembly.

Just sit down and relax. Don’t go drilling stuff. I gotta go by the shop before going to Mom’s for dinner. I’ll send you a pic. It doesn’t go on the big stud on the starter that your battery cable goes to

I rode to the shop just for you


You sir, are solid gold. Send me your address, I have a Waffle House gift card laying around here somewhere I’m never going to use.

You would do well to use it yourself. Some of my best thinking has been at waffle house. I’ve eaten there twice in the last 24 hours

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And that wasn’t meant to say you weren’t thinking. I digress, I’m under the covers and early service is soon upon us


Sounds more like a Waffle Home you’ve got there.

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Early service? How early are we talking?

6am. Sunrise

That is early!