Free video editing software

Guys I have researched here and downloaded two programs.that made nice videos in the end they were both watermarked. Does anyone recommend a good free video editor? The watermarking stretched across the center of the video. I’m ready to boost a post on Facebook. I just gotta edit my video first. Any help is appreciated.

You have an iPhone or iPad?



I tried it out I want to insert text into my videos guess I need to research it some more thanks

You can! I make all mine with it.


Once you’ve added a movie to the work box you click the section you want the text. Then hit the T at the bottom.


I use an app called video shop. They have watermarks, but you can choose to remove them on so many videos. You can also ad text and music. I know there are other video editing apps, but I haven’t tried any others yet.

Hitfilm Express. The free version is awsome. It seems complicated at first but it’s well worth learning. Plenty of good youtube tutorials. If your interested I can link you a few of the basics to get you started.

Filmora by Wondershare