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I just wanted to offer some free SEO advice to all you business owners out there.

I work part time as a SEO manager, and I have websites of my own, hence my signature. I just wanted to give back to this community as I will be benefiting from the information shared on here too for my own personal projects. At my work, I’ve helped around 100 local businesses improve their websites SEO-wise and increase their traffic and revenue significantly, so I hope I’ll be able to do the same for you guys.

All I ask is that you read through this thread before you ask questions to see if it has been answered before. You can ask questions here or send me a PM, and if I think it will benefit others, I might share the result in this thread, though removing sensitive information, like I did here.

Obviously I won’t be spending the many hours it takes to actually make you visible in Google in this thread, but I will help you with strategy and try to demystify SEO.

My first tip here. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. If someone is promising you something specific SEO-wise, it is often too good to be true and SEO will often take months before you start seeing results.

how does the SEO look on my site?

You haven’t marked up any address which would help show that you’re relevant to a specific region.
Your URLs don’t include NJ/New Jersey.
Your growth in domains linking to your site is continuously growing fairly stable, which is good. You have a fair anchor diversity linking to your site, which is good.
There’s slightly too many site-wide links on your site meaning the internal link juice isn’t being used efficiently, plus you have site-wide links for too many keywords I can’t imagine aren’t adding value, eg “video page”, “paypal”, “free quote” at the bottom of the site.
Unnecessary duplicate content at the bottom of the site.

Those are my immediate thoughts.

Additionally, on at least the front page, you have more than one H1 title.
There’s also a higher keyword density on your page than I’d typically go for and you should look into writing better meta descriptions too.

What about mine? Pressure Washing Augusta ? Power Washing Company Georgia

Also do you have any specific seo tips for google local results(aka maps/google + etc)/the business listings always shown on the first page.

I agree with some of what you said BUT google, bing and the others change their search criteria every couple of minutes (it seems like they do) and it is impossible to keep up with whatever “they” find important today. I show up on the first page, multiple times, so I am happy.

Local results question:
Make sure to mark up your address correctly so Google recognizes it according to PostalAddress - Also, make sure you make a Google Plus and find ONE version of your address that you post consistently with your link where ever possible. It is important you post exactly the same version of your address. Search Google for places, where you can leave citations.

On your site, all “services” point to the same URL. It would be better to make individual pages for each keyword that are targeted towards that specific keyword. It’s more time consuming, sure, but you only have 7 indexed pages in Google right now.

Commenting on your backlinks, you’ve gone from 7 domains linking to your site on February 18 to 75 domains linking on February 23 (according to the backlinking tool I use), which is quite aggressive. If they’re quality backlinks, I probably wouldn’t worry, but I like to increase my amount of linking domains steadily, which looks more natural to Google.

You use the description, H1 and even alt-tag (at least) some pictures. I also think the website looks really professional which is good to turn as many visitors into customers as possible

Sure, stuff changes, but the things I mentioned have been around for a long time. If poor on-site SEO is the reason you’re number 3 and not number 1, you lose a lot of traffic. Number 1 gets around 30-35% of the traffic, and number 3 gets around 11%… I think that’s worth taking into consideration.

Any thoughts on TimberSeal Indiana Deck Cleaning and Sealing Services ? Working on the sites as I type this :slight_smile:

I’ve been pretty happy with our results in google but hey there’s always something better to strive for!

I’ll look at it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It’s past midnight here (Denmark). Can you just confirm it is, you’re talking about?

Make sure you also have Webmaster Tool activated, as it often reveals a lot of easy keywords to target if you know how to read the data.

Yes it is. Webmaster tool is in place as well. Thanks

Nibbler - test your website

I use these two to gauge the “expertise” of SEO professionals. That’s the reason I haven’t been able to hire one to do my SEO yet. If their site is less optimized than mine, I have seen all I need to. I’m a SEO moron and I can do a better job that most of the hacks out there trying to take your money. Did, I mention I’m an SEO moron? I am! Most of what has been said in this thread is over my head but I have worked my SEO up from 60+% to 91% in a few months. Guess what, google still doesn’t even act like my website exist unless you search for it specifically. Like has been said, its a marathon, not a sprint. Maybe this will help some people. We all have something to teach and more to learn

Most important tip I can think of is focus on CONTENT. Google loves fresh, original content. Have a blog, set up Google Authorship on your Google + profile, and blog often (2-3 times per week). Also, when blogging remember that it is QUALITY that is important, not QUANTITY, so be sure to write just a few long-form articles per week instead of 10 or more crappy ones.

I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll look into your site tomorrow evening. I’ve been busy today.

A lot of SEOs don’t have a very SEOed website as it may not be the lowest cost per acquisition to do SEO to find SEO customers, which to me justifies SEO companies not necessarily having the most optimized pages themselves. I know the company I work for doesn’t have the best SEOed website, though I customers do, and their rankings show that.

If you went up from 60% to 91%, though you don’t have any rankings, how good is the tool really? A lot of those tools are sales tools that tell people their website isn’t doing as well as it could be doing, hence “why they need a brush up” (you know the sales speech). Most often, these tools don’t actually test what should be tested, but rather take advantage of your limited knowledge to simply give you the impression you need to fix your site. As you’ve seen in this thread, not everyone agrees 100% with the advice I’ve given, though I can only say my results with customers speak for themselves. I stay updated with what actually works, implement it and rank loads of sites. My own personal site, House Siding Contractors: Find your local contractor here!, which is 5 weeks old, is already ranking page 2 for its main keyword that gets 1600 exact searches per month and it has started to receive organic traffic.

I hope you don’t take this response as an attack, I just wanted to comment on the use of tools, especially those that are free to use.

No problem - on your time. I’ve learned a lot since I built the TimberSeal website and wordpress and the plugins available for SEO and sitemaps have sure made it far easier. Working on a pressure washing website now.

I do have a question though for anyone with knowledge about it. What is your thought about subdomains and how they rank? I’m toying with subdomains currently that are tied to the cities we service.

Been reading a lot about different ways to link and get picked up consistently in the search engines and it’s a lot to absorb. I also read that keywords are pretty much worthless now-a-days as google and other search engines do not use them for ranking any longer. Priorities appear to fall in the page title and related content (300+ words) focused on one keyword and a relative meta description.

+1 for that. I completely forgot to mention authorship even if I set it up for a client today. Often, I also like to get inspired by competitors content if I need to figure out how to branch out (assuming you offer similar services). If navigating their website isn’t that easy, you can always Google ( to see all the content Google has indexed (found) for a website. I’d always make sure to research the keywords before I start blogging about them, though.

I don’t personally use subdomains, and I wouldn’t normally do it. Subdomains are to some extend seen as not belonging to the main domain, even if they are somewhat connected. Think of it this way. You can open a blog and get, but how closely is it actually related to Though if you rather have, you would normally have a closer connection to the main domain.

I know we use as the normal slug for our websites, and speaking from experience, it works. I will not exclude the other solution with subdomains might work too, but I would definitely say it’s less commonly used.

I didn’t take it that way at all! I posted what I did to enhance dialogue on the subject at hand. I do know those sites are always trying to sell something (upgrades) but if you haven’t checked those two out, I would encourage anyone to give it a look. Not saying it’s a one all catch all end to a means but it will give you some things to look at and learn from if you are SEO illiterate like me! Lol
You did bring up something that has had me puzzled beyond measure though, why doesn’t my site rank? I don’t get it! I know I still have a lot of work to do especially adding content to my services but I have over 400+ words of original content as it is. I haven’t used keywords excessively, my meta tag is good ect. I know there is much more to it than what I have listed but I’m at a loss. Which is why I have been looking for someone to take on my SEO.
What word or words does your new site rank on the second page for already? I thought it couldn’t be done fast?

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The H1 title on the front page would benefit from being more descriptive than just “welcome”
Your URLs should include Indiana if that is the area you’re servicing eg. Indiana Exterior House Painting for cedar and aluminum siding | TimberSeal Exterior Wood Care would benefit if it was rather
You don’t have an address that is marked up, and you don’t have Google Authorship set up.
You’ve only gained links from 7 different domains since September according to the backlink tool I use. Your anchor text is fairly diverse, and you could probably benefit from more keyword rich links to subpages.
You have established a site with more than 500 indexed pages which is quite impressive if it’s all unique content, which also partly explains why you claim to be doing well in Google.