Free IT troubleshoot / skills

Hello there guys and girls .

As my nickname said, i’m a friendly foreigner who enjoys your posts and help me make smart decisions and boost my knowledge about this industry in the same time.
Because i m just a novice and i cannot bring a significant input into your topics/ problems i m feeling like i need to give something back so :

FEEL FREE TO HIT ME with your problems / questions about your devices ( laptops , notebooks , tablets and computers ) since i have almost 5 years in this field as a paid IT Tech and having this hobby since I was just a little kid .
Since your posts ( time ) and skills / knowledge keeps money in my pocket and i hope to do the same for you.
You can PM me on forum or post in in this topic.

PS1: Timezone will be a pain in the ***.
PS2 : Not an indian, not from Microsoft :))

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Welcome! I, too, am an IT guy… 23 years spent in this career as a Senior Systems Analyst.

Thanks MrFixit, i suppose that you get more satisfaction from PW industry since I found you here :smile:

Absolutely. Both my wife and I love this work. She quit her nursing job to do this and I plan to quit mine soon. Insurance is really the only thing keeping me there for now. Once I can figure out how to stay busy during the winter months, I’m out!
Out 18 year ikd son loves this work too and says this is all he wants to for a career. He’s a great worker and I really enjoy being on the job sites with him. He’s my right hand man!


Welcome!! Thats awesome I’m in IT as well as a POS Analyst seems there is a few of us here. Now if we had a app developer we can get the app working again for this page hahah.