Forrest fire smoke residue

Hi everyone, I’m new to the business and the PWR community. I’m getting my business up and running in South western Alberta Canada.
I have to say this forum has been invaluable to me along my journey. Thanks to everyone who contributes in this community, it’s been a great journey reading up on everything here.

Does anyone know about cleaning residue or hazing from moderate to heavy forest fire smoke?
I have a concerned customer who wants to hold off on washing his house, because he’s concerned the smoke particles may stick to the wet siding.
I not sure if this is a major concern, since it could even rain this afternoon, I would at least be knocking the dirt off the house.

Also is SH effective at removing yellowing on vynal siding from Forrest fire smoke?

Thanks in advance for all your input.

You might have to use a degreaser if there’s too much haze or soot. There are some out there that are strong enough they can be down streamed. I’d try and hit it with a little house wash soap first. No need for SH unless it has organics.

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simple green ! let it dwell for has long has it does not dry.