Formal power wash Chem training?


Hey all, I’m searching for some formal training on chemicals and chemical safety for our industry. Does anyone recommend the powerwash university or the doug rucker online program? Id like more knowledge on the subject, and also would like to train a couple guys when that time comes. Also open to any other options out there. Thanks in advance!


I did the power wash university and found it basically useless. Nothing of any depth in it at all.


Do not waste your money on Rucker. Best to find an actual contractor near you and pay him or ask questions here after reading for a week or so.


I think a person would be miles ahead by taking the info presented here by veterans and our resident chemist, and build upon it by your own testing and research.


I agree, there are HEAPS of wonderful info here that Ive read. It really is amazing. The one thing I would like to find more information on though is personal protective equipment. What should we be wearing to keep ourselves safe when washing? I’m sure hw mix getting on your skin all day can’t be good, and same for inhaling it.

Currently Im wearing a half face respirator when washing with chemicals, and I know alot of guys will say that’s overkill, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. So more formal training on regards to protecting ourselves is what I’m after, if it exists.


I feel like this is something @squidskc could offer, like a 7 part, one hour long, video series


I like that idea. Kinda. The problem is most of the chemicals are explained here in 60 seconds or less and the msds covers safety. So my videos are going to be way shorter than an hour. Lol

Also, at the moment I’m actively trying to find some land to start building some commercial industrial units on for myself and to rent out and it’s taking more of my time than I imagined.


I figure if you only make like seven videos then tons of info would be crammed into one video, instead of 42 different 5 minute videos. Plus people wouldn’t pick and choose videos based on title or thumbnail then miss out on valuable info then come back on here to ask something already covered in one of the 47 videos

That sounds like an awesome project man, don’t skimp out on architectual design :stuck_out_tongue: so many modern buildings have no stile


These won’t be any better. LOL I’m just considering steel buildings.

Actually found a cool building with three phase power, the biggest air compressor I’ve ever seen, and plumbed for pneumatic hook ups that could be subdivided into 4 good sized spaces for pretty reasonable, but I want land to hunt on and this particular place is in a rough area, surrounded by concrete, and to fence it alone would probably cost me $40k-50k.



Yea location is important, if your clients don’t feel safe parking there then it might not be worth it for them
What you’d pay towards a fence now could be put towards a better location, even if you put up a fence later
But there’s also gentrification, which could work in your favor if you decide to sell that land later, and I dunno, maybe move to Colorado :stuck_out_tongue:


Send me you email and I’ll send you the specs and price on my building


Don’t waste your money on a fence…remember they don’t work (:smile:


They don’t. But irrational, scared grown men who think they do will feel much safer than renting without it.

Until someone gets in anyway…


My building I rent doesn’t have any fences. I believe there’s 7 units averaging 1500-1800 sq ft. Never any problems with finding renters, all units always occupied. All grown men (:smile:


Lol… but let’s put one 1000’s of miles away. You must be in a gentrified area.

The building I was looking at has hundreds of cars and foot traffic all day everyday in a less than reputable area, but kinda like immigration people are worried about the 1 in 1000.

You can say you’re scared… it’s okay.