Force feed DS

Not much about this on previous posts.
Ive been putting together a list of items i need to get started and im already over $3200. I haven’t even added the chemicals to that estimate yet other than elemonator. Id like to have a 12volt pump setup to be able to pre/post treat and do roofs but thats another $800. I just had a customer return a delavan 2.2gpm pump and we discounted it to $30 never used was missing 2 pieces of barbed pipe. Anyways i bought it. I was reading some people force feed thier DS. Could i do that with this pump and be able to do roofs and stucco with a EB4040HC? or just save up and get a fatboy?

This isnt something id use forever its just to get the money rolling.

No. Max you’ll get is 2-2.5 %. You need a minimum 4% for roofs

Why can’t you just use the 2.2gpm? Then all you need is a tank, wand, hose and reel?

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I add a 2.2 gpm 12 volt pump to force feed my injector all the time but it for doing nasty concrete. It may work on roofs that are not very dirty. Your still better of using a dedicated hose . That strong of SH destroys pressure washer hose pretty quick.

Start simple and make money. Stick with fewer services and get good at them. Houses and concrete. It will cost you less in equipment. As you grow you can add more equipment

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I guess i could i just didnt think the pump would really be enough to do much out of 100 foot of hose. I read one guy was force feeding so he could do roofs with his DS. I just wanted to see if others had tried this and if it worked good.

Ya i seen in one of your another post you said you wasnt sure. I guess you found out haha. Ya i dont want that im ordering 200 foot of good hear Neptune 3/8. Stuff is $283 :disappointed_relieved: need it to last. Thanks for the heads up.

Ya im geting a wisper wash classic. I just wanted to market myself for roof decks house concrete. I wasnt going to really worry about roofs till i seen This pump for cheap. I was going to save up some money id make and rig a farboy up like alot of other guys do on here.

You ever tried a 2.2gpm?

2.2 is enough to do a roof especially if your not in a huge hurry. Remember roof cleaning started with back pack sprayers.

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Ok cool ill use it till i get a fatboy then just use this one as a backup. Thanks for all the info!

Agreed, sometimes my Fatboy 7 gpm is to much for roofs. I’m going to buy a 5 when this one burns up

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7 gpm would be ok for shingle . I could never use that on tile though way to much flow . Endless it’s a huge roof then it’s probably ok but still would drive the grounds guy nuts if it wasn’t guttered

I’ve seen a couple threads here where the tech was using a low gpm pump to do roofs. Probably not ideal though! :blush:

Hey as long as i can do it without a backpack sprayer im fine haha plus i should be able to get the fatboy after one or two jobs.

Got any links to that post?

Its not good for roofs but as far as post/ pre treating an x jet will do it for you. Especially of you’re running a smaller machine. If you domt have a 12 v it’s basically a necessity for when you run into stuff that requires a hotter mix like stucco amd dry vit.

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Sorry for the confusion or you saying the xjet isnt good for roofs or the small pump. Ive have also considered getting the xjet but dont like the idea of hauling a bucket around but what ever works when your poor lol