For Sale Alabama region


The wife and I have decided to hit the road for a few years in the RV. So I am selling my rig.
8 gpm 3500 psi Honda unit w/ approximately 166 hours. With compatible 8-10 gallon heater unit.
300’ 3/8 pressure hose 100 feet supply hose. 36 inch maxima service cleaner 20 inch GP service cleaner three GP hose reels 6 x 10 Single axle trailer M5X jet with bucket 65’ nylon hose ,pretty much everything you see in picture also too include all extras ,guns,duel lance,etc…
too many to mention. Considered great condition!
Invested close to $11,000 everything is Less than two years old asking $6800 firm. I do need to get rid of it for I do not want to store it. Please call me (Kevin)at 334-300-3719 if you’re interested or know someone who wants a rig to hook up and go to work.


As long as everything works this a pretty darn good deal


Yeah, sell the trailer for $800, put another 1200 with the sale into a dual axle trailer and you’d have a nice setup. This one is maxxed out weight wise. But not a bad deal at all.


Trailer is good for around 3000#,s I normally tow approx… 1600#,s of weight… Pulls great and never sways…


Trailer weighs probably 800-900 though. But it’s a nice setup for the money. Good luck with it.


A lot of people don’t consider the trailer weight. I’m about maxed out on weight limits when I’m fully loaded with water and chems and equipment. Looking back I wish I had gotten 5200lb axles. I need a 500 gallon tank. I’d make life easier on a couple of my commercial jobs


I live in the same area, I wish I had the money and business to purchase that from you! Makes my little rig look like child’s play.

What’s made you want to just put it down and ride off into the sunset?


Just a life change… Good luck!