Footwear Recommendations

I have searched on here and read some threads but they are all pretty dated and most of the links provided no longer work and/or the item is no longer produced.

I’ve been rocking along in my Walmart “EDLP” rubber boots with the green soles and they hold up alright but they rub the snot out of my calves and leave me scabbed up. I’d love to find a pair of similar material boots that are maybe ankle high and don’t make me look like a 72 year old retiree. The Walmart boots are a steal at less than $20/pair but I’m not too cheap to take care of my feet if the right option can be had. So, let’s hear it ladies and gents. Whatcha got for me?

Muck boots at Tractor Supply,or amazon.


Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, those look heavy and I don’t think anything camouflage gives a sense of professionalism. I’d really like some “booties” or ankle high rubber boots but I also want something that stands up to SH and other common chemicals of the trade.

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Now that’s more like it! Have you tried any of those personally? I’m worried about SH degrading them.

I wear mine all the time. But old man high. Lol. I deal in highly corrosive acids,degreaser’s etc on a daily.

Ah, yes, I forget that you mainly do fleet washing. I don’t think I even have big calves but my rubber boots have left me scarred.

The got there own website, and an awesome warranty. Give them an email question about bleach.

I have similar rubber boots. Really it’s as simple as cutting them down to whatever length you’d like. I have orthotics in mine.

I’ve considered that, too. I know appearances aren’t everything but I mainly deal in very affluent neighborhoods and I’d hate for someone to think I’m just a goober with cut up muck boots trying to wash their house LOL

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I feel your pain. Cheap boots hurt

Tried lots of them.
They dont seem heavy to me and confortable and they are tough
I like them high, that way i am always dry.

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Good Lord man! You must be one tough SOB. I’d be crying all the way home to momma and having her rub triple antibiotic ointment on my boo boo


I respect that.

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Socks are important too.
Wool socks


Agreed, merino wool socks.


I haven’t tried these but they are on my list.


I have a pair. I find them uncomfortable.

I wear steel toe rubber boots with some amazing $25 insoles. Long socks and blue dickies tucked in the boots. With the insoles I find them more comfortable then air max.


Now that is nearly exactly what I’m looking for!

You find the pair that Sasquatch posted uncomfortable? Just to be clear.