I am looking for chemical and procedural advice. I am pretty new. My current toolbox is: 4/4 unit, M5 jet, downstreaming kit, and standard tips. F18, Pool Chlorine, Simple Cherry. I realize I may need a couple things.

There are a total of 3 bridges - all the same. All are green treated w/o any stain or sealer that I can tell. In good shape. Each one is 100’ to 200’ feet from the parking area. Each one is 38’x5’ = 190 SF. Each one has 160 spindles. They are over a seasonal drainage w/o any water in it right now. Job is 1/2 hr away.

They want a price for cleaning, and a price for sealing or staining.

? how much would you price this.

? how much water would each bridge take. No hookups except residential. Probably have to haul it, or make arrangements with home owner. I am anticipating hauling and bringing water.

? how would you do it. Any procedural advice? Im relatively new to this kind of cleaning.

I cant get pics to load. Sorry

The easiest way to figure out what to do is to walk away from this job if you have very minimal experience.

The next easiest way to figure out what to do here to come up with a price to do this job would be to figure 1-how long will this job take aprox and times that by how much an hour you want to make, 2-factor in how much you want to charge for bringing water to the job, 3-How much will the materials cost you and add that to the price 4-pad your number in case you run into unforeseen problems like the job takes much longer then you expected etc.

This should give you a ballpark idea on what you can charge for a job like this-- Good luck.

Thought I just commented but it didn’t post. So if it takes a minute sorry.

I was thinking $550/ea to clean. $350/ea to seal. Any thoughts. What would be a good sealer? Or is sealer not even needed?

How dirty are they? Were you including stain in your price or would that be charged extra.

You said these bridges are at a residence? Is your pressure washer portable or on a trailer?

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Not that dirty. Not that weathered. In fact there is still a little green here and there, but mainly a light grey. Not much cracking or splitting. My guess is they are only 1-2 years old and have been in the trees.

38’x5’=190 SF bridge deck with 2 side railings and 160 spindles. Whats a fair price to clean and seal. I am thinking Armstrong, Clark, or Ready Seal, in a penetrating sealer. Water hauled on trailer. I am also wondering if 200 gallons would be enough to get a bridge done?

I would charge 1200 a piece if they were immediately connected to the house within access of my trailer.

That’s why I was asking if there’s any water by the parking area. I would hook up there and just run two or three hundred feet of hose.

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