Following up with estimate on commercial job?

I got a call for a commercial job and the owner told me to leave it with the receptionist. I went Friday and left it, and today’s Monday. I never had to bid a commercial job or got a call for one. I’ve had commercial jobs subbed to me but never went through this process. Is it normal to call this week and follow up? And how long should I wait if so? Thanks

I’ve been called back on estimates that were a year old. Give it at least a week


Yea call or email, they may be too busy to call you so may be waiting for your drive to get the job.

Also they may be waiting on another bid to compare

Don’t call every day tho


Give them the same amount of time you would give a job interview - 4-7 business days. In this case, a bid submitted on Friday likely won’t get looked at until Monday afternoon, at least.

I’m new to the game, but its my understanding that a lot of commercial businesses only decide on bids at a certain time. I was talking to a friend of mine who did lawn care for some local banks and he said that they wait till December each year to decide on bids. I’m guessing to coincide with their fiscal year. That’s my understanding, but I could be mistaken. Maybe the job you are bidding on they wont decide on for a while yet.

I have give them many times and NOT GET A CALL BACK
some times are like that…
Got a big furniture store dirty bad dirty, Gum all over the entrance… Gave bid he liked it but No call back yet
I did not have a call ALL LAST WEEK Nutting…
This week 4 calls and got 4 jobs…
One today a man has 6 Rental 1 storys 1600 brick houses he wants them all cleaned and the driveways walk ways done.
All with in 2 miles of each other.
My price on that size job is $500 $600 depends on patio.
I looked at one told him $300 each one he said DO IT…

He said he saw my work at the Banks liked it.
I got a Buffalo Wild wings couple of weeks ago… He had a man from Memphis i beat his price.
and its a once a month job… So check out your local buffalo wild wings

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