Follow up on quotes

I recently gave a quote to home owner and was told she needed to get one more quote before making her decision. My question is how soon should I reach back out to see if I got the bid. The quote was given last Wednesday.

You don’t. If they want you they’ll call you

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Daily until they book… :joy:

Our scheduling software (custom made by me) automatically adds a reminder call appointment 3 weeks after our quote is done and sent. We get a lot of jobs from the follow up call.

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If we wait a week, they’ve already had the work done…


Not around here,… We have sent quotes and had them come back a year later

Us too, but that’s to wash their house again, lol

It depends, I only follow up if I really want the job. Like if it’s a neighborhood I’ve been trying to get into, or the jobs real easy. Or it has potential of adding more work

I will follow up on the 3rd day.

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We follow up 3 days later, 5 days after that, and again 5 days after that. Typically, if one of those don’t get the conversion they’ve already had the work done. We get a decent amount of conversions from each of those follow ups though.

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Thank you all. I have sent a follow up and am waiting for a response.

I do follow up from 24-72 hours after the quote is given.
You need to follow up, that’s part of the business.
If they don’t give you a response after 72 hours,then you can call them the next day or wait a week the most.

Some people are just distracted or busy and need to be reminded.

How does everyone reach back out to the potential customer? Call, text, email?

I think you know my answer on this one… :rofl:

Y’all probably show up in person, knock on the door, hand them a mint, and then ask if you could have a moment of their time. :joy:

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The one thing we will never do is show up anywhere in person for any reason other than washing something…

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