Follow-up calls?

How do you guys go about follow up calls? We would like to figure out the right wording when returning a call to a possible client who we quoted but did not hear back from? Obviously we do not want to be pestering, we but all know better than any one that at times life can get the best of you and things can just slip your mind! What do you say when doing follow up calls?

Occam’s razor. Don’t overthink it. Just call and have a conversation. “Hey, just calling to see if you had any questions about the estimate or if we need to get you on the schedule.”

Then, silence. Not another word. After that you’ll know what to do. Easy day.


I thought of it as “hey (customers name) i noticed we had not heard back from you and just wanted to give you a follow up call to see if you had any questions on the estimate we provides the other day” as much as i want to put them on the schedule we do not want to sound too pushy. Nothing annoys me more than when i get a telemarker calling me multiple times about something i wasnt interested in.

If they weren’t interested they wouldn’t have asked for an estimate. They called you. :slight_smile:


Just calling to follow up on the estimate YOU requested


Side question: this is our first year doing door hangers, what type of “call to action” time do you give on yours? For example “schedule by April 15th get an additional blah blah blah” off

Our CRM software alerts me when they review the estimate. A follow up call will occur within 24 hours.
When they answer… Hey Mary I saw you had a chance to review the estimate we sent you. Did you have any questions about the proposal? Yes ok blah blah blah… No good to hear we have an opening on xxx day at xxx time should we schedule your appointment for then?

7 out of 10 I’ll close with this followup call. Push them for the day and time you want them on the schedule. Odds are the other bids didnt do a followup call that quickly either so I’m always the last thought in their mind about the service needed.


95% of the time I email them the quote so I have a follow-up email that goes out if I don’t hear back. If I still don’t hear back I send a text and if I don’t hear back from that I mark them as DOA and move on. I don’t have time for phone calls.

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You don’t, but bidslot does.

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I don’t need April to make follow-up calls for me. My emails and texts are sent automatically and I have a very high closing ratio.

If your numbers are right and your follow up is good you should be around 60-70% closing ratio. If you are around 80-90 your either one hell of a good salesman or your quotes are to low. If your below 60 % adjust your follow up.


I’m around 80% + but it’s not because I’m so great of a salesman or my pricing is too low, it’s because there isn’t much competition in my area. Not actual business like competition anyway, mostly lowballers and handymen types on the pressure washing side. I also am the only company offering roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, house wash, and windows in one package, all done at the same time by one company.

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Just like anything in life there is always exceptions to the rules. I have over 20 companies that I compete with just in a 20 mile radius. That is not including the hacks and weekend warriors.

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Don’t worry about calling them. If they want your services, they’ll call.


Had a lady call me today wanting her driveway washed. Very elderly, but she knew it needed a pre treatment and asked me if I could. She asked me to “swing by today and give her an estimate” and I let her know it would be a couple weeks before I could come but while we were on the phone I looked at her house on google. I have her a ballpark of $200 and she said she was waiting on another company to come by today and give her a price.

I called her back just now to see if she was taken care of and she said that they bid it at $180.

She then said but they won’t use any cleaners for that price and they don’t offer a cleaner.

So I sealed the deal on a callback! It does work if you have the time!