Foaming ........ pre treating

Just so you can see the reach


Looks like a nightmare to rinse and not nearly strong enough for roofs…what’s the purpose? Benefit?

We’re did you get that foam nozzle

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Whats up with that mess of hose? And why’d u “pretreat” the roof if ur doing the driveway?

Jeez guys. Didn’t your mother tell you about what to do if you didn’t have anything nice to say.

I always foam when doing homes and driveways.
Long reach.
I use the 4gpm for roof and the 8gpm for the rest


No roof job here, the whole house, was pre treating the driveway before I moved onto the house, did this to show the reach of the foamer.

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lafferty, got 2, 1 for each machine

@Ikii Im curious ill bite. Whats the benefit to foaming over downstreaming? Is it simply for the ohhs and ahhhs when people walk by? How much mix do you use on each job about and is it the same recipe as downstreaming?

Sorry for 100 questions just never seen it done.

The benefit is that you save on chems, by foaming the chems cling longer on the siding, saving you time on extra retouching.
Yes it h.g.h as a ohhs and ahhs, selling factor if you want. Stresses the point that you are using low pressure to clean. Water cleans pressure destroys.
Foaming is DS. Mix is the same as your house wash.
Ask, no problems.
Hope this makes it clearer


That is pretty neat man. Drop a link for the foamer :sunglasses: and he does that with his hoses because he doesn’t like hw mix running through his reels. Notice the blocks.

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Never ran chems through reel