Floridians how are you doing?

Caught up in my own life and being sick and job bids, etc, saw videos today. Put things in perspective as I don’t have a 6’ wall of water trashing my house.

How are you?

I know there are many members on here from Florida, hope you and yours are all ok.

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We’ve been calling my wife’s Mom in Daytona since this morning. Just get a message that network is down.

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We have good friends in Tampa. They waited it out in Orlando, but said they only had two trees down and not too much damage. Looks like Ft. Myers got the worst of it.

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sounds cheesy but thoughts and prayers nonetheless.

yeah, I forget the guys name on here something like tampa cleaning or something, figured he was probably closest that I can think of off hand. There was another newer member near him too.

@florida_condo_cleani you here?

We’re all good here both my house and my farm a little north of me are just fine . The mass of the storm was south of me . I’ve emailed many of my clients in Sarasota offering to help with the clean ups if they need it . Those poor people down there had know idea the storm was heading there way until the day before. For the last week everyone was told Tampa was the target. Until it wasn’t. These hurricane “EXPERTS “ need to stop pretending they have a clue what Mother Nature is going to do . If they didn’t pretend to be so confident maybe more people down south would of had a chance to leave in time


Just realized i have internet on my phone. I live no more than 10 miles from the south sife of estero island. All day i hear sirens in the distance. Our neighborhood has trees down everywhere. Ive been clearing debris on my property for 2 days and have a third day tomorrow to look forward to. And still a month of touch ups after that. Tree debris in my pool. Got most of it out but if no power for awhile than that water is trash. I cant load images yet but uve got nothing like what youre seeing on TV, but its personal. Im a native Floridian and been through 2 other major storms. This is going to take a decade to make normal

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Another thing. It sounds like the indy 500 out hete. Not really. But the hum of the generator’s running is a almost a soothing white noise. Cookie cutter Florida houses and everybody still here has a generator. If only they were pressure washers running then it would be Mozart in the background

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I called a few places yesterday for chemical. Apparently the manufacturer for central Florida was in manatee county. And there not able to make deliveries right now.

I filled up my 14 old Pinch a penny jugs before the storm. Im a small time washer. That will get me through a week. But then what? These house need to be cleaned. Probably surfactant with a dash of sh. Got to make the sh last!

I’m thinking by the time people down there are ready to worry about pressure washing. The suppliers will be back on track.
My problem is I have a lift scheduled for delivery Monday. And there not open to cancel it on the weekend. I’d rather not pay for a lift I can’t use

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Do you remember the name of the washer from the Tampa area? He hasn’t checked in and I thought maybe you two talked.

Y’all talking about @TAMPAHOUSEWASHING ?

I am safe from the storm. Had to board up but the weather stayed south. Chems are still available. Stores were closed wed and thurs but tampa is back in business. All of tampa should feel blessed.

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Try here.


Edit. Forgot closed on weekends

How are the new owners there ? I stopped going there years ago because they were price gouging SOBs at that place . They tried to charge me $375 for a packing kit . Everything there was 200 percent of retail. No way to treat customers in my opinion

Thanks for the support! Pretty weak community here. Thank god my neighborhood and community is awesome! South Florida is the best!!!

I’m in Riverview, about 30 mins south of Tampa and an hour north of Sarasota. We ordered hurricane windows for our house back in May and they were installed a week before the storm. Our house was quiet, neighbors said they couldn’t sleep from the noise of the wind, another said it sounded like hail hitting the windows all night. We had half a fence fall down around 2pm, my neighbor on the other side helped brace the rest with 2x4s. When we woke up another portion of fence had fallen. Our part of town made it thru pretty good. Other towns around me had huge oak trees blow over, street signs and lights were twisted in the wrong direction. PVC fences were destroyed, but all in all, we got lucky. My wife’s office in Palmetto just got power back this evening.

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The new owners at Ameritech seem genuine in helping us learn how to prevent problems. They show me how to do a lot of preventative maintenance, rather than the other guys that would charge me $300 every time something went wrong. The old owners would prefer to see you every month for a repair. I still order basic parts online, shipping is cheaper than gas to drive that far.